This Innovative $22 3-in-1 Tool Keeps Mirrors and Countertops Streak-Free Without a Spray Bottle

published Jun 5, 2023
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Modern and bright Loft kitchen
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Cleaning is a monotonous task, at least for me, even though I love it when my space is finally clutter- and grime-free and I can hardly stand it when it isn’t. I’ll admit it: Sometimes it takes a Herculean effort to finally get up, grab the spray bottle and paper towels, and get to work. It’s not always fun (let’s be real: is it really ever fun?), but it is necessary — and one of the primary rooms that I can’t stand being messy or dirty is the kitchen. I shudder to think of an unclean countertop, and oftentimes, it’s impossible to avoid the mess and put it aside to clean later — you often have to use the kitchen every day and multiple times a day, after all.

But, as we all know, after a long day, cleaning is probably the last thing anyone wants to do — and if it’s completely unavoidable, we want it to be as fast and efficient as possible, so we can put our time toward other (more fun) things. Hence, the magical, super-effective product that’ll answer our prayers: QVC’s EZClean 3-in-1 Wipe Wizard Spray & Wipe Squeege. And, lucky for us, it’s on sale right now, so you can add it to your cleaning routine without paying full price!

I love a good multi-functional product, so this one immediately caught my attention. This squeegee tool is the ultimate cleaning product for getting your mirrors, windows, showers, countertops, and even your car — you name it, and it can probably clean it — in pristine condition. How it works is that you fill up a hole underneath the microfiber pad with your favorite cleaning product (or even just water), and press a button to spray the solution onto whatever surface you want to clean up. Next, you wipe it with the fabric surface, and then the squeegee comes into play. Flip it over, press it to the surface, and drag it down, and then your surface looks just like new.

Credit: QVC

The biggest benefit of using this product is that you totally eliminate the need for paper towels — there’s no need to cart them (or cleaning solution) from room to room. It’s more sustainable as well, because you aren’t wasting dozens of paper towels on one surface for a particularly stubborn mess. The microfiber fabric is machine washable, so all you have to do is pop it in the laundry and then you can use it again — and it comes with two pads, so when one is dirty you have another on hand.

So whether it’s fingerprints that your kids left on the windows or just natural build-up on the glass shower walls, this tool is your next must-have cleaning product. Long gone will be the days of using newspapers instead of paper towels to try to get your windows and glass surfaces to appear streak-free — this eco-friendly product will solve all your problems. Make sure to act fast to get your hands on it while it’s still on sale!

This post originally appeared on Apartment Therapy. See it here: This Innovative $22 3-in-1 Tool Keeps Mirrors and Shower Doors Streak-Free Without a Spray Bottle