The “Best Ever” Potato Chips I’m Snacking on All Summer (They’re Seriously Incredible!)

published Jun 27, 2024
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overhead shot of potato chips in a beige bowl
Credit: Alex Lepe

For better or for worse, I’m a frequent snacker. Whether it’s hard-boiled eggs or popcorn, I have a light snack in between meals pretty much every day. Sometimes I mix up my go-tos, but usually, I’m of the opinion that you can’t beat a simple bag of chips. They’re my not-so-guilty pleasure. Lucky for me (and all of us), there are tons of flavors and brands to satisfy every craving, but not all chips are created equal; there are some that many of us can agree are just better than others. 

It makes sense that one of them comes from a condiment brand our editors love. Graza is behind a next-level extra-virgin olive oil that we deemed “heavenly,” and the brand used it to create potato chips that shoppers say are the “best ever.” They sold out, but they’re finally back in stock, so keep reading to find out why you should snag Graza’s EVOO chips before they’re gone again.

What are “The Chips”?

Shoppers were begging Graza to bring its chips back in the reviews, and it’s no wonder why. Once you try them, you’ll never go back to a “regular” potato chip. With just the right amount of salt and crunch, the brand slow-fries them in its “Sizzle” extra-virgin olive oil to get the most flavorful — and healthier, according to the brand — chip. The slow-frying process allows them to get extra crispy as they absorb the EVOO. The chips themselves are made from Galician potatoes and salt from the Añana salt flats, which are thousands of years old.

Credit: Graza

What Graza Shoppers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.8/5

“Please bring these back, I am BEGGING. These chips were so delicious and crunch and PERFECT. I went through those six bags so quickly. Please Graza, do the right thing and bring em back!!!” — Ryan

“I liked the thinness, the right amount of crisp and salt. Delicious!” — Kathy C.

“Best chips ever. Awesome. Really looking forward to the next batch. Can’t wait. Had some sent to our daughter as a gift and she and her family absolutely loved them. Definitely keep them coming.” — Edwin H.

Graza even has a deal where you can bundle its olive oil set with the chips, so you’ll get to experience everything the brand has to offer. With summer entertaining season in full swing, you should definitely snag a bag for your guests to try — but I don’t blame you if you end up wanting to keep them all to yourself!

Buy: The Chips, 3 Bags, $19.50