Excuses, Excuses: Americans’ Top Reasons for Not Cooking

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Does your kitchen always look as pristine as the one pictured above? If so, what keeps you out of the kitchen? What excuses do you make for ordering takeout? If you don’t care for cleaning, or find grocery shopping too time-consuming, you are in plentiful company. A recent survey tells us all about the most common excuses Americans offer for not cooking. Do you know the main reason about half of Americans just don’t cook?

This survey was paid for by Bosch (full warning: the article below is basically a corporate press release) but the data they gathered was very interesting.

Over 50% of Americans do not cook because their spouse or partner does all the cooking. Yep, household duty sharing accounts for much of the non-cooking in this country.

But that’s not the only excuse people had. 25% of the respondents said that they just can’t stand the mess of cooking. (They probably have pristine kitchens like that white one up there!). 21% say they just don’t have time. 66% say that grocery shopping is the most time-consuming household chore. And, discouragingly, 28% of the survey respondents say they simply do not know how to cook.

Do these stats surprise you? Do they make sense? What are your most common excuses for staying out of the kitchen?