Everything You Should Know About Making Beautiful Bundt Cakes

updated Jan 21, 2020
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Bundts really are the queen of all cakes. They’re beautiful, easy enough to bake, and big enough to feed a party. Here is everything you need to know to master the beautiful Bundt cake and win at dessert every single time.

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Start with the right pan.

Bundt cake recipes are given by volume, with 10-cup and 12-cup recipes being the most common. If you aren’t sure what size your pan is, you can find the volume by adding water and measuring it. And while you’re at it, make sure you’re using a pan made from the right material. You want a light-colored metal pan with a nonstick coating.

Pan Basics

(Image credit: Maria Midoes)

Set yourself up for success: Prep the Bundt pan.

The beauty of these cakes comes from the decorative, molded pan. While this is a feature to be cherished, it can also prove a drawback for these cakes. The detailed design, with its scalloped edges and nooks, isn’t quite as easy to grease as a traditional cake pan.

Prepping the pan is arguably the most critical step in baking a Bundt — it’s the secret to getting your Bundt cake out of the pan cleanly every time. Use a pastry brush to grease every single nook and cranny of the pan, followed by a thin coating of flour, and you’re one step closer to success.

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The finishing touch: A 2-ingredient way to decorate.

Save the buttercream for another day. When it comes to decorating Bundt cakes, this final step is nearly effortless. Unlike layer cakes, which can benefit from getting gussied up with all the fixings, the beauty of the Bundt cake is the cake itself.

The easiest way to decorate a Bundt cake is simply with a drizzle of icing, or even a basic caramel sauce, just before serving. It complements, rather than covers up, this ridged cake and adds that last bit of something extra.