Everything You Need to Know Before Trying Rock-It Grapes

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: IFG)

If you’ve never tried Cotton Candy grapes, the super-sweet fruit that totally rocked our world two years ago, then you’re truly missing out. The produce hybrid, only available in August and September, tastes exactly like the pink-and-blue carnival treat, sending grocery shoppers everywhere into a frenzy to snatch them up from stores across the country.

But now there’s another new (and possibly even better!) exciting grape on the market that you absolutely need to try: the Rock-It grape.

Created by IFG, the same group of agricultural geniuses responsible for breeding our beloved Cotton Candy grapes, the Rock-It grape packs a serious crunch and even better flavor. Its name is a play on “rocket,” which describes the berry’s elongated shape and pointed tip. (They’re not quite as pointy as IFG’s oddball “Funny Finger” black grape variety, but they definitely resemble a spaceship.)

(Image credit: IFG)

The Rock-It grape’s wine-red skin breaks open to reveal a pretty, champagne-hued flesh that’s snappy and crisp like a green grape and yet also as sweet as a purple grape. But the flavor profile is apparently more muted than both of its cousins, which means you can put away a bowl’s worth without getting overwhelmed with overly tangy or cloying notes.

If you’ve never seen or heard of these before, you’re not alone. The violet-ruby beauties are grown solely on two farms in California, at Four-Star Fruit and Delano Farms. What’s more, you can currently only find them at Walmart, where a two-pound plastic carton goes for $4.48. If you want to give them a whirl, don’t wait — the grape’s prime season is very limited and only lasts through the end of December.

So tell us: Will you be adding these to your shopping list? Have you tried Cotton Candy grapes? Let us know in the comments!