Everything We Learned About Doing Laundry Like the French, According to One of Our Fave TikTok Follows

published Dec 10, 2022
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Laundry, as a chore, isn’t exactly what I would consider chic. In my house, tackling piles of clothes feels tedious, arduous, and, honestly, a little gross. Sometimes I play a jazzy playlist and bring a beverage with me to make the job feel more compelling, but after stumbling upon a recent TikTok, I think I’m doing it all wrong. 

Brunch With Babs — one of our favorite TikTok follows, thanks to her clever, hard-won lifestyle advice — shared her top tips for better laundry and better laundry vibes. Her advice? Do it like the French. Here’s how.

1. Turn everything inside out. 

For the French, laundry isn’t about fast results. It’s about taking care of your clothes for the long-term. That’s why Babs recommends turning everything inside out — yes, even your undies — before throwing it in the washer. This will help preserve the fabric from wear and tear in the washer, allowing your clothes to last longer. 

2. Hang dry a l’air.

Rather than tossing everything in the dryer, make like the French and hang your items outside in the fresh air, which will both preserve energy and prevent shrinkage and fading. (In the cold winter months, try hanging your clothes in the laundry room or another indoor area.)

3. Be consistent with folding. 

Folding might not seem all that important to you, but it can have a huge impact on how you store your clothes. Babs recommends folding all like items the same way every time you do laundry. It’ll make storage that much easier — no wedging weirdly shaped towels in the linen closet — and you’ll probably notice the chore go by faster, too.

4. Iron everything. 

It may seem a bit extra, but if your goal is to emulate a French laundress, pressing your laundry is the move. Before you leave the laundry room, take the time to iron wrinkles out of absolutely everything, from jeans and underwear to your pillowcases and sheets.