Everything We Know About Chrissy Teigen’s New Cookbook

Everything We Know About Chrissy Teigen’s New Cookbook

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Last week Chrissy Teigen posted many photos on Instagram where she was on set for her forthcoming cookbook, which we can only imagine is a souped-up sequel to Cravings. Since then, we have been doing some sleuthing across her social channels to track down as many details about the book as possible. Here's everything you need to know about "Cravings part two."

Shooting #cravings2!! What should the title be!?

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Cravings 2 is definitely NOT the title.

So far, the project is nameless, prompting Chrissy to ask her 14 million Instagram followers for suggestions on her latest release's title. (That #Cravings2 hashtag is just a tracker for her updates on the book's progress.) So if you have a brilliant idea, share it in the comments — she might just pick it.

There's plenty more outlandish posing.

Remember the adorkable shots of Chrissy and husband John Legend from Cravings — like them digging into gooey mac and cheese in full-fledged formal wear — that prompted one of our favorite Instagram parody accounts, Black Chrissy Teigen? Don't worry, they'll be back. A post from celebrity stylist Monica Rose reveals Chrissy in a marabou number and, be still our hearts, John in a tux.

Banana bread will make it to the spotlight.

After an epic treasure hunt on Twitter for perfectly browned bananas in the Los Angeles area, Teigen revealed the hand-written version of one of her new recipes. Of course, it's banana bread, but the twist is that it's in a Bundt pan!

Tester for the new cookbook 👨‍🍳❤️❤️

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There are baby photos galore.

Looks like little Luna will be making many cameos alongside Chrissy in the kitchen, smashing fingerling potatoes on the counter and even posing in an avocado leotard. In one shot, she even stuffs her little mouth with Pepper's garlic soy ribs.

Guys... @chrissyteigen stole my dog

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And there are plenty of puppy pics.

In case you missed it, Chrissy and John brought a new addition home: a puppy named Pablo (or Paul, they can't decide). The wrinkly little dog will definitely be featured, as most of Teigen's photo shoot took place inside their own home, on the couch, in the backyard, and even on the floor.

Nam Kaw ❤️

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Pepper's influence may be greater than ever.

Chrissy's mom, Pepper, helped inspire and fine-tune recipes for Cravings. But new posts allude to even more family recipes, like Hunan-style chicken and rice and perfectly styled Nam Kaw (crispy fried rice salad).

You're gonna need an A+ skillet.

Recipe developer and chef Adeena Sussman, who worked with Chrissy on Cravings, shared a few previews of dishes they've collaborated on, including a pan-seared chicken and some sort of roasted vegetables. Both look savory as hell and are sizzling in a beautiful, deep skillet. If you want to recreate these hearty meals, it seems like you're going to need to upgrade or dig out the trusty cast iron.

It's slated to hit stores early next year.

In an interview with Refinery 29, Teigen revealed her game plan for her second book. "I'm going to try to knock out a bunch of recipes, go on tour with John and Luna, live on this tour bus, and then come back, do a few more recipes, shoot the cookbook, and then have it out for everybody by the beginning of next year." Going by this vague timeline, we could be pre-ordering the book by year's end. Keep your fingers crossed!

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