I’m the Grocery Editor at Kitchn and This Frozen Breakfast Is the Best New Thing I Tried All Week

published Mar 11, 2022
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Frozen food aisle of grocery store
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This past weekend I visited a newly opened restaurant in my neighborhood and ordered a fried chicken and waffle sandwich. The freshly made waffles were fluffy (possibly the fluffiest I’ve ever had) and savory, with cheddar and diced jalapeños mixed in.

Still wanting more waffles after that meal, I’ve been enjoying this new-to-me mini frozen waffle brand in the comfort of my own kitchen. I’ve had them three straight days in a row now (coincidentally three is the number of servings in a pouch). Here’s what makes them a great start to your day … after day.

Evergreen Mixed Berry & Almond Frozen Mini Waffles

While these mini waffles are the exact opposite of my weekend waffle — frozen, rectangular, dense, sweet — they have been a bright spot in the cloud-filled mornings that have loomed over this week. Each waffle is just under three inches by two inches in size and, as previously mentioned, three waffles are the recommended serving amount. Three waffles are also the exact right amount for me. I’ve been feeling full, but not too full after finishing them.

My absolute favorite thing about them, besides how easy they are to prepare (pop in toaster oven, push button), is the studded berries throughout each piece. Made from scratch with 12 ingredients, including blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, the mix of berry flavor is the overwhelming taste that comes through in every bite.

I’ve been slathering my berry waffle trio with Truly Grass Fed’s new spreadable butter (available nationwide this May!), which, like the sticks, is incredibly creamy (no need to take the tub out in advance before use!) and drizzling them with some Vermont maple syrup from Trader Joe’s on top. All in, my new favorite breakfast is ready to eat in less than five minutes. If you’re looking to shave a few minutes off that time or you like your waffles on the slightly softer side, you can also heat them in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds per side. I haven’t tried this alternative method yet (I don’t have a microwave), so I can’t vouch for the difference. I will say, though, that the toaster oven worked so well that I’m putting on my shoes now — time to go get another bag!

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