Ever Heard of a Crespelle?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Temporary Vegetarian is talking about them in The New York Times today. Here’s a hint: Emma encouraged us to make them last weekend

A crespelle is an Italian version of a crêpe. The main difference is that it is made with chestnut flour rather than regular flour, giving it a hint of sweetness.

The one described in the article (discovered by the chef of Osteria del Circo in New York on a trip to Italy) was filled with ricotta, lemon zest, pepper, and parmesan. On top were pine nuts and brown butter. That sounds like the perfect combination of savory and sweet—a hint of chestnut, a warm nuttiness from the brown butter, salty parmesan, and a little zing from the pepper and zest.

We have never worked with chestnut flour, so we’re wondering if it makes the process of cooking these thin pancakes any easier or more difficult.

Given the ricotta/parmesan/pine nut recipe in the article, we’re wondering if crespelles are always on the savory side. Is a Nutella-filled crespelle not a crespelle at all? Anyone know the answer?

Read the article: Crespelle is Italian for Crêpe, from The New York Times

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