10 of the Most Stylish and Useful Buys from Etsy (for $25 or Less)

updated May 29, 2019
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Etsy is one of our favorite places for fun and beautiful decor for all around the home — but it’s not just pretty art, cards, and bedspreads. You’ll also find a lot of smart, practical stuff, for the kitchen too. Practical stuff that’s also beautiful. And not too expensive!

Here, we rounded up 10 of the best things you can buy on Etsy for your kitchen. Bonus: Everything is just $25 or less.

(Image credit: CCStoneware)

1. Stoneware Spoon Rest, $10 at CCStoneware

A spoon rest is one of the most practical things you can buy for your kitchen. (If you want to keep your counters clean, that is.) This one is stylish and somehow still just $10.

(Image credit: CaraCarrierDesign)

2. Ina Garten-Inspired Tea Towels, $20 for four at CaraCarrierDesign

You can never have too many tea towels for your kitchen. And these are Ina-inspired. Need we say more?

(Image credit: SawyerCeramics)

3. Sponge Holder, $16 at SawyerCeramics

We all know how gross sponges can get. This little stoneware holder keeps the sponge upright and makes it more likely to dry between uses, which means it’ll take longer for it to get gross.

(Image credit: YellowBrickStudios)

4. Clean & Dirty Dishwasher Magnet, $6.50 at YellowBrickStudios

Hopefully this magnet prevents other people in your household from putting dirty dishes into a dishwasher that needs to be unloaded.

(Image credit: HomeIntoHaven)

5. Soap Dispenser, $25 at HomeIntoHaven

This is our favorite kind of soap dispenser. For one, it’s hella pretty. And second, it actually does its job well.

(Image credit: LongCreations1)

6. Measurement Conversion Chart, $8.50 at LongCreations1

If you spend a lot of time looking up, say, how many ounces are in a cup (eight!), you should just download this cute, printable chart and hang it up in your kitchen. This way, you can quickly check a measurement at a glance.

(Image credit: AnnabelleTaylorCo)

7. Concrete Ring Cone, $8.50 at AnnabelleTaylorCo

Your rings really should go somewhere while you’re washing the dishes — somewhere they can’t get lost (or fall down the drain), like on this cone!

(Image credit: ADHWoodwork)

8. Wood Phone Stand, $20 at ADHWoodwork

Using your phone to follow a recipe is always a good idea (especially if it’s one from our site!). Just keep it up and out of the way of spills and splatters. This sleek phone stand, made of walnut, can help.

(Image credit: Alaboard)

9. Dry Erase Weekly Menu Planner, $14 at Alaboard

It’s no secret how much we love meal planning around here. This reusable weekly planner will help you keep track of what you want to make, and comes in four different colors that are more interesting than just a white dry-erase board.

(Image credit: SpindleCreekCo)

10. Cotton Rope Trivet, from $12 at SpindleCreekCo

Anyone who’s ever put a too-hot pan or casserole dish on their table knows how important trivets are. This trivet will protect your surfaces and look good doing it.

What’s the smartest thing you’ve ever bought for your kitchen on Etsy?