This Ingenious Etsy Organizer Will Corral All Your KitchenAid Mixer Attachments

published Nov 30, 2022
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If you have a stand mixer, you probably know how awesome all of the many attachments are. However, what all those stand mixer attachments offer in creative and time-saving possibilities in the kitchen, they give back in big-time clutter — especially if you lack the space it takes to store them all. Enter: the creators on Etsy, coming through (yet again) with problem-solving solutions. These minimalist, mountable KitchenAid stand mixer attachment holders are my new favorite damage-free (just peel and stick — screws are optional!) and easy-to-use inventions.

Not only do these little guys eliminate the mess of attachments that get tangled up in drawers or baskets, but they can even turn our favorite mini kitchen tools into display pieces. Surround your Pantone-hued KitchenAid mixer proudly with all of its best mates, from your dough hook to your whisks and your flat paddle beater by hanging them from underneath kitchen cabinets. You could even attach them vertically to a wall or backsplash for a more unique display, or attach them discreetly inside the cabinets of your pantry so there’s no display at all.

The way these mounted hooks are designed allows you to simply twist on your attachments the same way you do directly onto your KitchenAid. It keeps them separated and allows for ventilation — both of which are reasons that make this system a more hygienic storage method overall, especially when it comes to kitchen tools that get used, washed, and dried repeatedly.

Have just one beloved dough hook for your weekend sourdough creations? You’ve got the option to grab one mount for just $4. But, you can also bundle them and save the more you get. Oh, and remember when I said screws are optional? Each hook comes in black, silver, or white, and with either a peel-and-stick backing or screw mounting accessories. (So, if you prefer the extra security, it’s yours.) I just love the way these hooks display and keep stand mixer accessories clean and out of the way — and now that I know they exist, I’ll finally be adding more KitchenAid attachments to my cart!