10 Unique Handmade Etsy Finds That’ll Make Your Holiday Table Sparkle

published Dec 8, 2021
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Credit: Cathy Pyle

The holidays are a time for for gatherings, good cheer, and merriment, for sure, but they’re also a time for serving delicious food! There’s something so special about setting a seasonal table for Yuletide celebrations, especially when you have tabletop decor that looks as good as the feast tastes! These unique, handmade items from editor-loved retailer Etsy are bound to make your meal merry and memorable.

From plush velvet trees to gold beaded placemats, here are 10 tabletop finds to curate your most gorgeous and spirited holiday table to date.

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A big bunch of warm, twinkling candles is the perfect way to bring the holiday cheer. This stunning, solid-wood centerpiece can hold 18 tapered candles and comes in three choices of wood finish: gray, white, and a natural dark walnut. No matter which wax beauties you use to fill this solid-wood candle holder, your table is bound to be merry and bright.

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The holidays evoke wintery forest scenes, sleigh rides across snow-covered hills, and walks in the woods. This holiday season, bring nature to your table with this beautiful artificial garland. Fooling many reviewers, these artificial leaves are far from the waxy fabric dupes you're used to, which means you can reuse this festive foliage time and time again.

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Looking to add a pop of color to your holiday table? These velvet wrapped trees come in a multitude of hues, so you can stick to a strict color theme or dazzle your tabletop with a festive rainbow. One reviewer praises the sturdy 13-inch trees as "gorgeous, subtle, chic decor." Plus, with incredibly fast shipping times, you can secure your centerpiece well before the festivities begin!

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It's no secret that we love a good charcuterie setup, and preparing a holiday-themed snack board fills our hearts with joyful glee. This snowflake-shaped board is perfect for piling on loads of your favorite festive delicacies. Hand-carved and sanded from teakwood, this solid snowflake is the ultimate snack server (psst... the same seller also make a board in the shape of a christmas tree!).

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Holiday celebrations should be just a little fancy — or if you're really into it, full-on luxe — and in our opinion, that means down to the placemats. These 14-inch gold-beaded ornate placemats are meticulously crafted with tiny, dazzling glass beads. While they may look delicate, these scratch- and heat-resistant table settings are far from it, so you can plan on using them for years to come.

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A serving bowl beautiful enough to be a centerpiece? Yes, please! This bowl works as an all-year-round vessel for storing and serving, but with its decorative gold handle, it makes for a wonderful holiday serving piece. Perfect for holding holiday candies, nuts, salads, or even pasta, this bowl is a practical showstopper.

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Gold and gorgeous, these handmade napkin rings evoke elegance as they grace a place setting. These sturdy rings come as a set of four and are crafted using rust-resistant alloy to last a lifetime. They are bound to truly bring an sophisticated touch to your tabletop, with one reviewer commenting, "These really enhance the beauty of the napkins, taking them to the next level of classy."

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You've always put candles on your holiday table, but what about lanterns? Snowy patterns are projected across your tablescape from the snowflakes carved into the thin wooden exterior of these unique candleholders. This festive decor is handmade from walnut, maple, or oak and carved in Canada.

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These Scandinavian-style wooden Christmas trees come as a set of four and make the perfect centerpiece for a more understated spread. Handcrafted with ethically sourced wood, these festive firs would look great on any table and even make a great gift.

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Holiday musical chairs is over! With these cute, tiny wreaths, seats at the table are already decided and drama-free. These tiny tokens are fashioned with a custom calligraphy banner that make any spot at the table an absolute gift.