Valentine's Day

The Best Valentine’s Day Cards for Food-Lovers

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Emma Fiala)

Whether or not you buy into the gift-giving part of Valentine’s Day, we’re guessing (hoping?) you at least do the card part. Because who doesn’t like getting a thoughtful card with some sweet sentiments written inside? EVERYONE LIKES IT! And if you’re on this site, it means you also like food (or you know someone who does). Which means a food-themed Valentine’s Day card is your best bet.

We took a scroll through Etsy to find the best food-related Valentine’s Day cards. These were the most creative and clever ones we could find.

(Image credit: SadShop)

1. Funny Valentine’s Day Card, $5 at SadShop

The moon may be farther away, but the moon doesn’t dispense snacks, does it it?

(Image credit: dndesignsbuffalo)

2. You’ve Stolen A Pizza My Heart, $3 at dndesignsbuffalo

This cheeky pun comes up again and again on Etsy but we liked this design the best because it has pizza slices on it. Unrelated: We want pizza.

(Image credit: ChewyLemonStudio)

3. Avocado Greeting Card, $5 at ChewyLemonStudio

This avocado-themed card stood out to us because of its cute little pit. IT’S SHAPED LIKE A HEART!

(Image credit: fiveblessings)

4. Taco Punny Valentine’s Day Card, $4 at fiveblessings

The taco on this punny card seems to be throwing its guts around like confetti. As only a true love can make one do.

(Image credit: strangekindofgrownup)

5. You’re a Snack Funny Valentine Card, $4 at strangekindofgrownup

Finally! Someone updated that cheesy “did you fall from heaven?” pick-up line.

(Image credit: ClassyCardsCreative)

6. Roses Are Red Card, $4.50 at ClassyCardsCreative

Poems are hard! And wine is red! (At least, it can be.) This card speaks the truth and is perfect for anyone who drinks wine or cuddles up with someone who does.

(Image credit: ilootpaperie)

The ’90s called … and wrote this cute Valentine’s Day card. And we’re not mad at it.

(Image credit: IdlewildCo)

8. Everything Bagel Greeting Card, $5 at IdlewildCo

We’re pretty sure we’ve featured this card before, and we will continue to feature it as long as everything bagel seasoning is popular.

(Image credit: BeckaGriffin)

9. Funny “Brie Mine” Love Card, $4 at BeckaGriffin

There’s nothing too cheesy about this punny card.

(Image credit: PunfullyYours)

10. You Are Cerealously The Best, $4 at PunfullyYours

We were looking for a bacon- or doughnut-themed card when we found this one. And we would have stopped the presses if this wasn’t a digital website. Even though millennials are eating less cereal, we can all agree that this card is one of the most creative ones out there.