The $34 Gift I Bought Myself Last Year and Plan on Buying Again

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Calling all you readers who are always cold: Have I got the perfect holiday present for you to buy for yourselves! See, I’m one of those people who complains the second the temps dip below 70 degrees, so you can be sure that I’m unpleasantly chilled from September through April. My friends over at Apartment Therapy wrote up this gift guide with ideas of things to get people who are always freezing cold and it got me thinking: If I had to pick the best thing I’ve recently bought for myself, it’d be this sweatshirt I found on Etsy.

Pizza Wine and Puppies Champ Sweatshirt(Image credit: MondayGirlApparel)

While I usually hate things with sayings on them (sorry, Joanna Gaines, but I especially dislike that sign you’re so fond of that says “Today is a good day to have a good day!”), there’s something about a sweatshirt that lends itself to words. Especially if you can work food (and/or wine and puppies!) into it. And Etsy is lousy with great options.

I wear this sweatshirt at least a few times each week. It’s cozy at my desk when I’m working from home and it’s certainly easier to cook in than a blanket (which I usually drape over my shoulders, old lady-style). So I’ve decided to buy myself another food-themed sweatshirt before the end of the year.

Here are three of my top picks. Help me choose which one to get?

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1. Be There in a Prosecco, $28 at MoodCatz

In addition to being warm and snuggly, I also really love a pun. And prosecco. I also love prosecco.

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2. Brunch Squad Hoodie, $36 at ohhellosparkle

This makes me laugh because my weekend brunch is usually just me and my husband going for bagels or eating eggs at home. But he’s part of my squad, right?

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Movies, hikes, hot chocolate outings … tacos should follow every single activity. Consider this message your personal invitation to join me.

So, which one should I get?

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