Etsy Find: Knitted Apple and Pear Jackets

We may have finished our week of highlighting local apples, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop eating them for many months to come. We love these little cozies that are designed to cushion your apple (or pear) in a purse or lunch bag, so it doesn’t end up bruised. See another of our favorites from this Etsy seller, below…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s like a little fisherman’s sweater for your latte! So cute.

Those of you who knit might be able to make these types of cozies in a flash… But we do think they’d be very sweet gifts. And Etsy seller Jacqueline claims the knits have a bit of stretch to them, in case you have an exceptionally large piece of fruit you’re looking to swaddle.

The apple and pear jackets come in several different colors and cost $12, and the coffee sleeve is $10.

(Images: Jacquelineknits)