10 Little Ways to Treat Yourself on Etsy for $25 or Less

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We’ve been thinking, and we decided you deserve to treat yourself to a little something nice. Nothing too expensive, though (the holidays are coming and you’ve got to start saving!). Something around the $25 price point seems good. Don’t you agree?

We thought you might. That’s why we rounded up this list of 10 Etsy finds — they all feel special, don’t count as things you’d usually buy for yourself, have some sort of functional purpose, and cost just $25 or less.

Pick out something and then act surprised when you open it. Yay, you!

(Image credit: TheMerrythoughtShop)

1. Minimal Coffee Filter Stand, $25 at TheMerrythoughtShop

This birch plywood stand sure is nicer than that cardboard box that your filters come in, right? Get this and then you can keep them out on display on your coffee station, making it easier to make a pot of joe when you’re just waking up.

(Image credit: SawyerCeramics)

2. Spoon Rest, $16 at SawyerCeramics

Spoon rests end up on our lists of little luxuries all the time — because they’re amazing. This little guy costs just $16 and will not only make you a neater cook, but it’ll also make you feel a little fancier while you’re working.

(Image credit: ACDShop)

3. Classic Cocktail Pencils, $12 for six at ACDShop

Sure, you could use regular No. 2 pencils, but why should you when you can use these? Bring the set to work and play a game right before five: Pull a pencil out of a cup at random and, whichever drink the pencil says, that’s what you’ll have at happy hour.

(Image credit: EmeraldMistGifts)

4. Mini Magnet Planter, from $14 at EmeraldMistGifts

If you’re anything like us, you’re obsessed with plants. That means you want to put them everywhere — even on the fridge. This little planter is magnetic so it can stick to your fridge or freezer door. And the price includes the air plant, too.

(Image credit: 1canoe2)

5. Green Mixing Bowls Recipe Cards, $22 for 50 at 1canoe2

We’re big fans of old-school recipe cards. There’s just something so nice about a hand-written recipe that you can pull out again and again. Even if you get a stain (or seven) on it, each stain tells a little story. (Plus, recipe cards are less risky than bringing a cell phone into a splatter zone!) These retro-ish cards come from one of our favorite Etsy sellers and are designed to fit into this special wooden box that’s sold separately.

(Image credit: StephenLysakDesign)

6. Modern Wall Hook, from $12 each at StephenLysakDesign

As much as we love a good Command Hook, we love these mid-century hooks even more. They’re made of solid black walnut, have a cool geometric design, and come in eight color options (the gold is $14). Get one and use it to hang up your trusty apron at the end of a cooking session.

(Image credit: shopEverthineDesigns)

7. Soap Dispenser Set, $24 at shopEverthineDesigns

Do not underestimate the difference a good soap dispenser can make. Set this duo up next to your sink and dish duty is bound to feel a little more luxe. Plus, you’ll always know which has soap for your plates and which has soap for your hands!

(Image credit: AppolonieCeramics)

8. Pot Vase Tile, $24 at AppolonieCeramics

Every single oven needs a crock (filled with spoons, spatulas, etc.) next to it. This one is a million times prettier than most. That grid! That organic hand-made shape! We love that it can also be used as a vase, too.

(Image credit: WordsWithMeans)

9. Wanderlust Letterset Letters for Letterboards, $25 for 104 at WordsWithMeans

The letter board trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. (Get some inspiration: 12 Cheeky Letter Boards That Totally Describe All Our Thoughts on Food.) Up your game with some letters in a fresh new font.

(Image credit: TheFeltingDorcas)

First of all, a trivet is an absolute must-have. You need something to put down and protect your table from hot pots, pans, and casserole dishes! So ideally, it’d be a pretty one (not just those boring $4 cork ones from IKEA). This felt ball trivet is a twist on the rainbow ones we’ve seen all over the place, thanks to its fresh and fun diagonal design.

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