Etiquette: Writing a Thank-You Note for Dinner

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With the risk of sounding like your grandmother, we’ll say we do think people should take more time out from their electronic lives to write letters (and yes, we see the irony as we write this on a blog). Not just the obligatory thank-you note for a gift. We think it’s nice every once in a while to jot down a heartfelt note in appreciation for a dinner party.

We’ll admit we don’t always follow our own advice. But let’s face it: We all like to hear that friends enjoyed a meal we cooked for them. We love getting emails and comments from you on this site, telling us you loved a recipe. And we expect our friends would appreciate the same.

We remember reading an article in a magazine a while back where a hostess recommended mailing very straightforward, elegant cards as invitations for a dinner party. They simply read (something like), “Dinner at my place! Thursday at 8” in big, bold handwriting. The same works for a thank-you note. One sentence can sum it up:

“I dreamt about your roast chicken on Friday. It was perfect.”
“Thank you for making my favorite chocolate cake.”
“Next time I’m eating thirds.”

Write it on a cool postcard so you don’t have a lot of space to fill. Trust us, it’s so much nicer than the next-day email, especially for a really spectacular meal or a special occasion.

What’s your take on this? Do you write thank-you notes for dinner parties?

(Image: Thank You letterpress cards, $12 for 8 from Yee-Haw Industries)

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