España Day 5: Puerto de Santa Maria & Sevilla

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The last full day of work here in Spain had us (some of us) tasting brandy at 10:30am in a dark and moldy old bodega. Perhaps not something you’d like to do every day, but as a one-shot deal, it was fantastic. This was the day we spent at headquarters for Osborne, so we saw not only their Sherry production, but also their Brandy and the main offices.

Lunch was highlighted by the introduction of yemas, which are little yellow candies made from egg yolk and sugar, nada mas. Although I couldn’t stomach even half of one, Tomás Osborne, who sat beside me at lunch, managed to stack up nine empty yemas wrappers. I was impressed, to say the least.

We returned to Madrid through a quick stop in Sevilla, an adorable little town with an unfortunate number of Starbucks, but a fortunate plethora of Jacaranda trees. Later, back in Madrid, while some went to experience as asador (meat roasting restaurant, bascially), I ordered in a spinach and goat cheese salad and fell into an enthusiastic frenzy of packing, trying to cram my 1981 Montecillo and a bottle of rare sherry called Solera India, given to us each at the end of our tour.

Tucked back into the New York groove, I can say I’m thankful for fresh greens and light meals, but the warmth and kindness of Spain still lingers. My interest in wine has been tickled, and to have returned with some new cooking inspirations is a further bonus. Once the child has premiered and I’m back to wine-drinking status, I look forward to pouring myself a glass of sherry and kicking my feet up as the sun goes down.