Escaping This Weekend? Bring Some Homemade Granola

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This summer, most of our trips out of town have been quick, 48-hour jaunts here and there — usually as (very grateful) moochers of friends with beach houses.

We try to bring a little gift, plus something everyone can snack on and enjoy, but cookies are feeling tired and predictable.

This weekend, we’re taking granola, and we’ve got some good reasons why…

Dinner is something that evolves and takes care of itself once you arrive. You’re not going to hop on a ferry or a plane with a marinating pork tenderloin (well, we aren’t, anyway).

But breakfast? Breakfast you can bring. We’ll be arriving at our destination late tomorrow night, so we’re thinking it’ll be nice to wake up to a little homemade treat — one that travels in a tote bag better than muffins. You can eat granola by the handful with a cup of coffee or run out for fresh fruit and yogurt and have a more substantial meal.

Later in the afternoon, if people are hungry, granola makes a great snack. It’s so easy to tailor to your own taste, too, so it’s an even more personal, “signature” gift.

We’ve covered granola quite well in the past. Here are some recipes from The Kitchn:

And a few more from the web: