Tips for Escaping from Kitchen Renovations

Tips for Escaping from Kitchen Renovations

Regina Yunghans
Jul 15, 2010

Kitchen renovations are so exciting - at the end you know you'll have a wonderful place in which to create fresh meals at home. But the renovation period itself can be quite stressful, leaving you without a kitchen and without the ability to make the meals you want:

Here are a few tips for escaping the nightmare of a kitchen-less home for the duration of kitchen renovation:

  • Set up a temporary kitchen with a microwave, refrigerator (your old one, the one that's going to be installed in your new kitchen, or a small undercounter model), and toaster oven. We had a setup like this in our living room during our small DIY renovation a few years back. While it was tough, it did help us get by without eating out all the time.
  • If you're using an undercounter fridge (we did) set up a large cutting board on top of it for a prep surface. If not, use a protected tabletop for supporting a cutting board, microwave, and toaster oven.
  • If you have other small appliances that would help you through the renovation (like a rice cooker), set it up in your temporary kitchen, too. We wouldn't necessarily recommend going out and buying new appliances for this purpose, but if you already have them put them to use!
  • Think partially homemade: pick up soups at the grocery store that can be combined with fresh foods for a homemade/preprepped hybrid.
  • This isn't pretty, but dishes will probably need to be done in the bathroom sink. If you have a separate shower and bath, try to deep clean the tub and designate it for dish cleaning only (the bathroom sink can be tiny when it comes to this task. Try to stick to single-dish meals and curb your dish usage until the renovation is complete.

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