Erin’s Warm Wood Wrapped Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s not every day you see a house literally wrapped in wood but that’s exactly how Erin’s house is. The kitchen walls, ceiling and even island are wrapped in beautiful wood panels. It’s done so successfully that it’ll actually have you considering doing this in your own home.

To break up the sea of wood, the couple installed white cabinets in the kitchen. They provide a much needed balance of bright to eliminate the opportunity of a dark kitchen. The open shelving above the white cabinets in a great touch because it prevents the space from feeling too small and over crowded. Because it’s not a large kitchen, open shelving and bright colors play a huge roll in tricking the eye.

The couple were able to blend old and new almost seamlessly in their kitchen. Their vintage stove works perfectly with the modern appliances sitting just a few feet away. The way the kitchen is so organized and streamlined is a smart move because there are already so many different elements begging for attention, no need to distract with accessories!

(Images: Adrienne Breaux)