Eric Ripert Cupboard Challenge: Deadline Tonight!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Got a cupboard full of leftovers? Need to use them up? How would you like acclaimed chef Eric Ripert to design a meal around your cupboard contents?

If you dare to show the contents of your cupboard (or fridge) you could get a custom meal menu from Ripert, plus a goodie or two from us. Want to enter? Here’s what we need from you…

Using the form below, tell us what’s in your cupboard. You will need to attach a couple photos. And tell us why these ingredients need to be used up soon, or why you’ve been having a hard time getting rid of them.

This challenge can include the contents of your fridge OR cupboard; not both. Try to make your ingredients visible in the shot. Ripert will use as many of your ingredients as he can in the meal.

We’ll pick our favorite challenge and submit it to Eric. Then you’ll get a meal tailored for your cupboard (and we might even send another goodie or two your way as well).

Entry will be open until tonight. Good luck!

(Images: Eric Ripert; (Image: Flickr member Elephi Pelephi licensed for use under Creative Commons)