This Coffee Subscription Service Is Perfect for Espresso Lovers — and Kitchn Readers Get an Exclusive Discount

updated May 21, 2021
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Over the past year, a lot of my daily habits have evolved for the better. I no longer rush out the door without breakfast, cooking is now an act of love rather than a slapdash attempt to feed myself, and I’m finally taking the time to make really good coffee. This last change, specifically, has resulted in several happy experiments with various brands, eventually leading me to discover Equator Coffees, a California-based company that’s been roasting high-quality beans for almost 20 years. But the brand’s most exciting offering? A rather robust lineup of espresso beans that deliver the most delicious espresso shots. Bonus: As a Kitchn reader, you can score an exclusive discount — but only for a limited time.

Credit: Equator Coffees

You’re probably wondering, “What exactly are espresso beans, and how do they differ from regular coffee beans?” Well … same! So I did a little digging, and it turns out that, in comparison to regular coffee beans, espresso beans are a darker roast that yields a bolder flavor. You can brew them in just about any way you like, but since I have an espresso machine, I found that they’re particularly well-suited for my setup. The rich crema that the beans produce really does enhance each shot.

Currently, Equator Coffees offers nine espresso blends. I tried out their Eye of the Tiger Espresso and Jack the Bear Espresso, and both resulted in totally unique coffee experiences. For starters, Eye of the Tiger Espresso is a seasonally evolving blend, which means that the brand “develops a blend that shows off the flavors of the component coffees in unique ways” based on in-season coffees. (Currently, the blend is a medium-light roast with notes of apricot, jasmine, and almond, with beans sourced from Ethiopia and Ecuador.) Because I look for flavor nuances, I was able to identify these notes even when my espresso shot was topped with piping hot frothy milk.

As for Jack the Bear Espresso, I tore through the bag last December and found the chocolatey, nutty, and herbal notes particularly well suited for the cold weather. The flavors are bold, strong, and robust. While I enjoyed mixing this one with milk to make a latte, the flavors really shine when topped with hot water for a classic Americano. As for the beans, they are sourced from three countries: Sumatra, Kenya, and Colombia.

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Look at that crema!

In addition to their espresso beans, Equator Coffees offers regular coffee blends, single origins, decaf options, instant coffee, and even canned cold coffee. And if all these options sound overwhelming, their bestselling, classic Equator Blend is a great entry point to the brand. The smooth coffee with a refined finish sits on the tongue long after you’ve finished sipping your cup, and in my chai-drinking husband’s words, it’s “good stuff.” Equator Coffees is also a B Corp. and a Fair Trade-Certified company, and they use Biotre compostable coffee bags that can go directly into the compost bin rather than a landfill.

While you can buy bags of Equator Coffees a la carte, the best bang for your buck is their subscription service, where you can choose your coffee plan, pick your grind size, and select your desired quantity and frequency of delivery (from weekly to once every four weeks). Prices range from $15 to $18, which is comparatively cheaper than a lot of other coffee subscription services.

As an added bonus for Kitchn readers, the brand is offering 40 percent off the first order for all new subscriptions, along with lifetime free shipping and the option to cancel or change your subscription anytime at no additional cost. Simply plug in the code KITCHN40 during checkout to enjoy the limited-time offer, which runs from May 18 to May 28. As a coffee lover who’s always on the hunt for deals on high-quality beans, let me tell you, this is an amazing offer that will elevate your cup of coffee or shot of espresso. And if your dad happens to be a coffee lover, you’ve just found the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Subscribe to Equator Coffees, and choose your subscription to receive a whopping 40 percent off your first order.