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I Regret It Took Me So Long to Buy This Perfect Cutting Board

updated Jun 30, 2021
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Epicurean cutting board
Credit: Faith Durand

There are a few products that my expert coworkers have written about over and over, and when they rave, I usually listen. But I slept on one good thing for years, and now that I finally picked one up, I regret not doing so sooner. That one good thing? This Epicurean cutting board. Now, what’s so exciting about a cutting board, a hum-drum basic at best? Weirdly, delightfully, to my surprise, this cutting board is making my nightly cooking feel a little cleaner, faster, and lighter. I absolutely love it.

Our team has loved these Epicurean cutting boards for years; Elizabeth wrote about them first back in 2008 and Emma raved about their big carving board a couple years later. Cambria called them one of the best things she ever bought for her kitchen.

These boards are really unusual; they aren’t plastic or wood, but an eco-friendly paper composite with all the strengths and none of the weaknesses of either material. They are lovely and warm like wood but light and easy to clean like plastic. And yes they go in the dishwasher!

We picked this particular Epicurean board for Kitchn Essentials (our list of tools we recommend the most) because it has channels to funnel juices and rubber feet that keep the board totally steady. The first step in using a knife safely is stabilizing your cutting board, and nonslip feet makes that so simple. No damp paper towel necessary.

I had a couple of old boards that were cracked and bowed, so I finally sprang for one of these boards and bought it myself. I got one of the biggest ones (always spring for the biggest board you can). The price is not bad, especially when compared to those luxurious (but heavy) solid wood boards.

From the get-go I loved this board. There’s something surprising about how light it is, how flush it lies to the countertop, and how easy it is to move around. But still, rock stable. And then, when I slip it into the dishwasher, it slides right in and takes up almost no space at all. It is by far the best thing I’ve bought for my kitchen in ages. Don’t make my mistake; don’t wait twelve years to buy this one.

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