Entertaining Tip: End with Tea and Coffee

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We think there’s no better way to end a big meal or even a simple gathering of friends than with a nice warm cup of coffee! Not only is it exactly what we want after eating a lot of rich food, but it’s a way to slowly wind down the festivities and signal the evening’s end. Do you like serving coffee and tea after dinner?

We’re actually tea drinkers for the most part, but with so much entertaining going on this time of year, we make sure to keep several post-dinner beverage options stocked. We keep half-pound bags of both regular and decaf coffee, along with our normal selection of teas.

If you’re not a tea-drinker, think about picking up a box of assorted teas next time you’re out. Leftover packets can always be transformed into stocking stuffers for adult family members!

How do you like to wind down a dinner party?

(Image: Flickr member blhphotography licensed under Creative Commons)