Cocktail Party Tip: Do One Passed Appetizer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re starting to think about holiday entertaining, and for us, that means appetizers. Our hors d’oeuvre tables are usually filled with cheese, bread, olives and other no-fuss nibbles, but we like to do one or two special items that deserve a little special attention.

Why not make those special items a passed appetizer?

It would be great for something fresh from the oven that’s best eaten hot – like these cheddar and blue cheese gougères. This was a passed appetizer at a cocktail party we attended, and we watched everyone’s eyes light up as the cheesy bites emerged from the kitchen and made their way around the room.

We think it’s a great idea because hopefully your guests are busy enjoying themselves and in the middle of conversations, so they may not notice a new addition to the buffet table. This way, everyone gets a chance to have a bite before they get cold. Plus, it just adds to the feeling of hospitality.

If you don’t have too much else going on, you could pass the appetizer yourself. Or, you could enlist a co-host or good friend who’s offered to help.

Do you usually do a passed appetizer?

(Image: Joanna Miller)