Entertaining: Humorous Coasters from Bob’s Your Uncle

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Want to set a light-hearted tone at your next dinner party? Check out these humorous coasters from Bob’s Your Uncle, a Boston-based gift company!

Each brightly colored coaster is printed with an over-the-top wine tasting quip you could just almost imagine an expert using to describe some high-end bottle of wine.

One coaster says “Wave after wave of buttery spice,” and another says “An explosion of blackberries and cranberry zing.” There are a few rather saucy double-entendres thrown in the mix as well, so definitely be aware of your audience!

The coasters come in a tear-off pad and are advertised as being disposable. However, they’re made of stiff card stock, and barring any spills, we can probably get several lives out of them.

We think these are perfect for getting nervous guests to relax and staving off any wine snobbery!

Humorous Coasters from Bob’s Your Uncle, $10 for a pack of 36 disposable coasters

(Image: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)