Cool Your Heels on a Lakeside Getaway

published Jul 5, 2017
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(Image credit: Ryan Dausch)

There’s a very special anticipation that comes with summer. It’s the still air and languid pace, the smell of peonies and the taste of iced tea. Now that it’s time to unbox summer, we’ve taken inspiration from the boutique flavors of the Pure Leaf Tea House Collection to come up with elevated spins on classic summer days.

We spent all winter dreaming of those summer nights when the ground stays warm even after the sun is long set. But now that they’re here, we’re looking for a chance to cool off, breeze in our hair, ankle deep in clear water.

The classic lakehouse getaway is kind of our style guide for the whole summer. Being close to the water means hot sunny days and cooler nights, so we recommend layers. We’re already wearing chambray and boat shoes — aren’t you? — so you can check those off the list. Sunscreen and bug spray are required, too. (But you knew that already!)

(Image credit: Ryan Dausch)

When it’s time for meals, choose seasonal flavors that don’t require much prep (remember: maximum relaxation). Pack fruit, a baguette, and fresh heirloom tomatoes to have on toast for the perfect rustic lunch. Or better yet, pick them up at a roadside market along the way, along with some fresh, fragrant basil. With a touch of sweet fruitiness, Pure Leaf Tea House Collection Wild Blackberry & Sage flavor iced tea provides the perfect, layered flavor accompaniment to your farmer’s market finds.

The best part of the lakehouse jaunt is how far away the world can feel when you’re out by the water. So pack a journal, channel your inner Thoreau, and trust that your life will be waiting right where you left it. Whenever you’re ready to deal with it again.

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