The Last Thing You Should Do with an Empty Tissue Box Before You Recycle It

published Nov 5, 2021
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Empty tissue box
Credit: Sarah Crowley

We’re always looking for smart reasons to save things … because they “must be good for something, right?” Well, it turns out an empty tissue box is really good for something and is definitely worth saving this cold season. Please allow us to explain!

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Use an Empty Tissue Box to Store Plastic Shopping Bags

While it’s easy enough to toss an empty tissue box in the recycling bin after that last sneeze, we have a great idea for one final use. Use those decorated cardboard boxes to conveniently store your plastic shopping bags.

Now, we know the goal is to reach for reusable shopping bag as much as possible, yet we still somehow end up with a plastic bag or three. And anyone who’s ever stored a bag full of other bags (every home cook we’ve ever met), can agree that it’s not the best method. An empty tissue box makes a lot more sense when it comes to wrangling all those loose bags. Just stuff them in as your collection grows! If you prefer to be extra tidy about it, just knot those plastic bags beforehand so you can neatly pull out one at a time.

Where to stash this newly filled tissue box? We’ve got some ideas! You could put a supply of plastic bags under your kitchen sink cabinet, so that they’re ready for whenever you need them. You could keep one in your car’s trunk for re-lining your car trash can or grab a bag from the box to place your muddy shoes in after a long fall hike. You can also leave a box in your entryway closet so you can easily wrap up a guest’s wet umbrella without creating a puddle on the floor. And don’t forget the bathroom! Stow a tissue box full of plastic shopping bags in your cabinet so that you’re always prepared to line your small trash can. Or, better yet, pull out a plastic bag and soak your bathroom’s faucet and shower head with vinegar!

Do you reuse your empty tissue boxes? Tell us how in the comments below.