The Last Thing You Should Do with an Almost-Empty Mustard Jar Before You Rinse It Out

published Apr 11, 2022
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Empty mustard jar
Credit: Sarah Crowley

I love finding little ways to reuse and repurpose things in the kitchen. I’ve stocked up on a collection of tomato sauce jars that I use for storing pickled onions or flax seeds, and because I recently learned it was a thing, I also keep my used, but still-clean sheets of aluminum foil (to throw in the dishwasher with my silverware). See, discovering new tricks to reuse food, tools, or containers is another fun way to be creative in the kitchen, and it saves money and resources in the process!

Which brings us to the main focus of this post: an almost-empty mustard jar and what you should do with it instead of throwing it straight into the recycle bin. Ready to find out what it is?

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Use an almost-empty mustard jar to make vinaigrette.

Anyone who has ever had a mustard jar (which is pretty much everyone!) knows it’s nearly impossible to get every single bit of mustard scraped out of the inside. And it’s a shame to waste even a little bit of that delicious condiment. Sure, a slender spatula might do the trick, but we’ve got an idea with a pretty yummy reward.

Instead of rinsing and recycling your almost-empty mustard jar, consider using the remnants to whip up a delicious vinaigrette for your next tasty salad. Simply add the additional ingredients, such as olive oil, vinegar, and seasonings, to the jar. When you shake the contents up, you’ll make use of every bit of mustard. And the glass jar will double as storage if you don’t use all of the dressing at once. (Just be sure to label your creation so that no one gets confused.) Perfect for drizzling on those seasonal spring greens, you’ll thank us for this resourceful and flavorful tip!

What do you do with your almost-empty mustard jars? Share your ideas in the comments below.