Emojis for President! Dumplings & Pancakes Now Official Emoji Candidates

(Image credit: Unicode Technical Committee)

I know emojis aren’t everyone’s cup of , but I just 💖 them. A dumpling would have been just the ticket for a perfect Lunar New Year tweet, and a stack of pancakes for Pancake Day? What a missed opportunity! Although these emojis don’t currently exist — no matter how many times you check, trust me — they could soon!

Unicode, the organization behind the standardized emoji keyboard, recently added both dumplings and pancakes to its list of 79 candidates for a 2017 release. Other future emoji darlings that grace the list are shrimp, bacon, croissant, avocado, and salad — but there are many more.

If all the treats on this list do, miraculously, make the cut, all of my emoji dreams will have come true. But for those of you with bigger emoji aspirations than I, fear not — you can make a submission any time you like!

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