Emma’s Playlist: My Strange Bedfellows Indie-Folk-Pop Party Tunes

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I’m definitely of the “throw some great albums in a playlist and hit Random” mindset when it comes to party tunes. Much like my attitude toward dinner party dishes, I figure that if I put enough good music in the mix, it will all come out just fine. Which is how I end up with such strange musical bedfellows as The Heartless Bastards with Mumford & Sons, or Andrew Bird right after Cloud Cult. But hey, once the wine is open and the snacks come out, it’s all good.

I aim for a blend of highs and lows in my music mix: slow and steady crooners along with perky upbeat artists who can bring a little head-bopping to the room. Like Chris’s mix, my playlist is an ever-evolving thing of new finds and old favorites. I find this also works really well for a party scene — the familiar songs help people relax and feel comfortable while the new songs add some energy.

For this mix today, I picked a favorite tune from each of the albums I have in my current party playlist. Enjoy!

Emma’s Strange Bedfellows Party Tunes

  1. Pacific Bray – Horse Feathers
  2. If I Needed You – Andrew Bird
  3. My Father’s Father – Civil Wars
  4. I Still Care For You – Ray LaMontagne
  5. Dead Sea – The Lumineers
  6. Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes – Ollabelle
  7. 3,6,9 – Cat Power
  8. Lorelai – Fleet Foxes
  9. Try to Sleep – Low
  10. This Year – Mountain Goats
  11. Low Low Low – Heartless Bastards
  12. Whispers in the Dark – Mumford & Sons
  13. I’m Not The One – The Black Keys
  14. You’re the Only Thing in Your Way – Cloud Cult
  15. Cool Yourself – Thao
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Spot any favorites in there? Any new artists you think I should check out?

(Images: Cover Art via Spotify)