I Tried Emily Blunt’s “Favorite” Candy, and You’re Gonna Want to Buy All the Bags You Can Find

published May 14, 2024
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A bag of Maltesers.
Credit: Alexandra Foster

Emily Blunt has been all over our screens lately. The actress was nominated for an Oscar for her role in the blockbuster film Oppenheimer, and recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote her latest rom-com, The Fall Guy. When asked to name her favorite movie theater snack, Blunt replied without hesitation: Maltesers

“It’s basically the better version of a Whopper,” Blunt said to Clarkson. “​​Try one! You’re going to be converted to the church of ‘tesers.” On set, Clarkson’s team brought out a massive bowl, and Blunt happily popped a Malteser into her mouth and did a little dance, saying, “They’re lighter than air!” While Clarkson was less impressed and said Milk Duds were more her thing, she did admit they tasted like a malt — hence the name.

Credit: Alexandra Foster

The clip has since gone viral on TikTok, with commenters from all over weighing in on the British candy. Beyond the U.K., Maltesers seem to be popular in both Australia and Canada, with many saying they’re shocked the U.S. doesn’t carry them in more stores. Multiple people raved about how “AMAZING” they are, and others said it’s a game-changer when you mix them with popcorn. With all the buzz, I had to get my hands on some to see if Emily Blunt knows what she’s talking about in the candy department. 

You won’t find Maltesers at your local gas station: I had to do a bit of digging to find them. After my search, I found them at Economy Candy in New York City’s Lower East Side, as well as online at Amazon. A candy-lover’s dream, the shop specializes in vintage, international, and specialty candies you can’t find anywhere else. While I was tempted to pick up some more treats, I got in and out with the one thing I needed, you know, for research: Maltesers.

Credit: Alexandra Foster

When I was a kid, I loved Whoppers and always looked forward to getting a few bags when I went trick-or-treating on Halloween. While I haven’t had them in over 10 years, I was interested to see how they stacked up. Maltesers are covered in milk chocolate, and my first impression was that they were quite sweet. (I tend to prefer dark chocolate for better balance.) The flavor reminded me of toffee, and the texture was similar to honeycomb but didn’t stick to your teeth. It has a good, satisfying crunch when you bite into it; the interior kind of disintegrates and breaks apart easily, leaving you with the chocolaty finish. 

Credit: Alexandra Foster

I can definitely see why Emily Blunt says these are “lighter than air.” From what I remember of a Whopper, this tasted more caramel-y and doesn’t have as powdery of a mouthfeel. I can see it being a good movie snack on its own or paired with buttery popcorn for the ultimate salty-sweet combination. If I could find the dark chocolate version, I’d be all over Maltesers, but the original flavor is a tad too sweet for me. Milk chocolate fans, you’ll probably love them. They’re definitely worth a try — if you can get your hands on a bag! 

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