Emeril Goes Green: Former Food Network Star Partners with Whole Foods Market and Discovery Channel

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Emeril Lagasse is cooking up a whole new career direction for himself these days. He closed his show at Food Network after ten years of anchoring their programming, and then recently sold his franchise to Martha Stewart Omnimedia.

Now, with the help of the Discovery Channel’s Planet Green Network, along with organic grocery giant Whole Foods Market, he’s going green.

What does that even mean? Read on…

Emeril is launching a new show this July on Discovery Channel’s Planet Green. It’ll be called EMERIL GREEN and it’s going to be shot exclusively at Whole Foods Market.

The premise is that Emeril will shoot on location at the organic grocery giant, and deal with real questions and challenges that cooks have in eating green and healthy. Here’s a quote from his press release:

“Since my early days as a chef, I’ve always been passionate about using the freshest quality ingredients from farmers, fisherman and ranchers. I try a little harder every day to think greener and be respectful of our environment and our resources. On ‘Emeril Green’ we’ll unearth how easy and fun it is to cook with what’s fresh, tasty and in-season and find smart ways to make each day a little greener for you and your family.”

What do you think? In the confusing world of “eating green,” are you looking forward to some tips and direction from the King of Bam!?