Embrace Iced Coffee Weather with Bottled Cold Brew

What’s the best thing about spring? You might say spring produce, warmer temperatures, or the profusion of blooming buds, but for coffee addicts, it’s all about the return of iced coffee season. Whenever the temperatures get slightly warm enough, we immediately reach for cold brew.

If you haven’t tried making your own cold brew at home, you’ll need to keep your fridge well-stocked. That’s where Lucky Jack Coffee comes into play. They have convenient 10.5-ounce bottles that get you started on your day.

They’re available at most Whole Foods locations, and our former Associate Food Editor, Emma, has a few recommendations for which ones to try.

“If you have become obsessed with cold-brew, as I have, I highly recommend giving Lucky Jack’s brews a try. They are lightly effervescent (!!!) and deliciously creamy. My favorite is their ‘Old School,’ because I’m old-school like that, but the ‘Double Black’ is great for mornings when waking up is especially hard.”