Elizabeth’s Colorful & Adventurous Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The average kitchen typically has a lot of white or subtle colors throughout. It’s rare to find a kitchen that is filled to the brim with bright colors, different textures and several patterns. That’s exactly what you get in Elizabeth’s colorful and adventurous kitchen.

One of my favorite aspects of the kitchen (and house in general) are the original wood floors. They’re weathered, worn and stained — the perfect recipe for delicious and beautiful floors if you’re going for a rustic vibe. Elizabeth created an interestingly gorgeous girly yet rustic kitchen.

Pink, orange and yellow are the main colors in the space which typically reminds of a Lilly Pulitzer store, but in this space I really enjoy the light it provides. To tone down the bright and girly she used industrial, restaurant quality furniture to add a bit of interest and personality. If it weren’t for these differing styles of furniture, the space would just be too over the top!

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(Images: Adrienne Breaux)