Eggs for Dinner: 10 Delicious Dinner Recipes with Eggs

updated May 2, 2019
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Yesterday morning I got an email from my friends Katie and Amanda, local farmers out here in the country where we’re spending the week. Apparently psyched with the spring weather, their hens were laying eggs to the tune of fifty a day, so I rushed over and collected some, still warm from the henhouse. Breakfast was long past; lunch was done, too. How about eggs for dinner?

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Surely it’s nothing revolutionary since I do it at least once a week, but as we threw together the most simple dinner, it occurred to me that it was worth pointing out to you, dear readers, that eggs for dinner are the way to go when you think you just don’t have the time, energy or ingredients for dinner.

In the archives of The Kitchn, I found some delicious egg recipes that will pass for dinner, so I’ve collected them here for you. Though really, you don’t need a recipe to make eggs. My dinner last night, pictured above, was the prior night’s orecchiette with asparagus and pancetta, tossed with arugula and a side of sliced ribeye from the night before that, and topped with a poached egg with an almost saffron-hued yolk. Dinner, done.

What’s your favorite dinner with eggs?

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(Images: Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan; see linked recipes for full image credits)

(Originally published April 21, 2011)

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