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I Tried the New Eggo Nog Sippin’ Cream and It’s the Festive Addition You Need for the Season

published Oct 12, 2022
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I Tried Eggo Nog
Credit: Eggo

A waffle breakfast is something that I always craved on lazy weekend mornings when I was growing up, and as I got older they remained one of my favorite items to include in a Sunday brunch. Although brunch is always a “yes” in my book, sometimes I want to enjoy that warm waffle flavor outside of those morning hours. And what better way to do that than to have it in a way that helps me unwind after a long, busy day?

Luckily for the adults out there, Eggo has got us covered. The iconic breakfast brand known for delivering a slew of delicious items like the Grab & Gos and Thick & Fluffy dessert-flavored waffles is now stepping into the liquor industry with the new Eggo Nog Appalachian Sippin’ Cream.

An eggnog liqueur created in partnership with Gatlinburg, Tennessee-based craft distillery Sugarlands Distilling Co., this is a super-rich rum-based liqueur filled with cinnamon and nutmeg flavors.

“We’re very excited to partner with an iconic brand like Eggo to create this fun and festive version of our popular Appalachian Sippin’ Cream. Our team at the distillery worked hard to ensure hints of cinnamon and nutmeg came through in the flavors, making every sip reminiscent of a perfectly toasted Eggo waffle,” said Greg Eidam, Sugarlands master distiller, in a press release. “We’re confident this tasty twist on the classic holiday treat will have parents longing for their ‘evening me time,’ all holiday season long.”

While this liqueur is really tasty by itself as an after-dinner drink, I was tempted to try it in cocktails. So I tried to make one cocktail suggestion sent by Eggo and then one I created on my own. Here’s how it turned out.

Credit: Aly Walansky

How to Make the Christmas Apple Cocktail

One of the suggested recipes Eggo sent for using the Eggo Nog was an iced apple pie-inspired cocktail. It’s super easy to make and requires just a few ingredients. Combine an ounce of Eggo Nog, .5 ounces of Sugarlands’ Apple Pie Moonshine, 2 ounces of almond milk, and a dash of cinnamon. Shake on ice, pour, and serve.

My Honest Review of the Christmas Apple Cocktail

I honestly thought the Christmas Apple tasted like apple pie in a glass! It had all the deliciousness of an apple, but also the cinnamon and nutmeg notes that the Eggo Nog brings. This seemed to me like the perfect cocktail to enjoy as a welcome drink at a Thanksgiving get-together this season, as it embraces the cozy flavors of fall and the harvest. It also feels very festive, so you could take this sip up through the Christmas season, too.

With apple pie being a very specific flavor, however, this is one drink that you will either love or hate. For those who want a more coffee-centric dessert cocktail, I decided that — after making the Christmas Apple — I would create my own spin that felt more like me. So, using an ounce of the Eggo Nog and a freshly made cup of strong black coffee, I added in a Dark Chocolate Coffee sipping cream and finished it off with a dash of cinnamon. The result? A boozy dessert-like mocha latte that was very much my speed.

3 Tips for Using the Eggo Nog 

  1. Don’t feel obligated to only use it in cocktails. This could also be really fun for baking, perhaps in muffins, cake, or both pancakes and waffles. Not only could it have its place in holiday cocktails, but also in holiday desserts that call for a bit of seasonal warming spices like cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg.
  2. When making cocktails, a little goes a long way. Both cocktails I attempted to make only used about an ounce of the Eggo Nog and the rich, creamy flavor came through strongly. Using a larger amount in a drink may make it too indulgent and rich-tasting.
  3. Both drinks pair well with adding an additional boozy element. I added a bit of vodka to the iced latte and it made it feel like more of a cocktail. This is worth considering if you want a bit more festivity in your cup! Hey, ‘tis the season after all!

The new Eggo Nog will be available in select retailers nationwide throughout the holiday season. Must be 21 or older to purchase.