Eggnog with a Twist! Try Beer Nog

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Attention, ‘nog heads! If you live in the small cross section on the Venn diagram of “beer lovers” and “eggnog lovers,” then boy oh boy, do I have the most perfect holiday brew for you. It’s called Beer Nog and it’s exactly what it sounds like: heaven.

Beer nog comes from the crazy and wonderful mind of Randy Clemens, co-author of both the Craft of Stone Brewing Co. and The Sriracha Cookbook. It takes all the most beloved aspects of eggnog — namely cream, eggs, sugar, and nutmeg — but uses a boozy barrel-aged strong ale in place of the traditional hard liquors.

Sounds pretty darn good, right?! I think I know what I’ll be serving at my holiday party this year.

Get the Recipe: Beer Nog from Randy Clemens