11 Ridiculously Brilliant Egg Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

updated Jan 19, 2024
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn; Food Stylist: CC Buckley/Kitchn

As simple as eggs seem, they’re surprisingly complicated. (In fact, lots of people say that you can tell how good a cook is based on how well they make scrambled eggs!) You’d think you’d really just need a pan or a pot and a spatula or spoon — and you wouldn’t be wrong, per se. But. BUT! There are lots of brilliant tools and gadgets out there that’ll help you elevate your egg game. Things that, upon first glance, you think are just totally ridiculous, and then you realize how smart and useful they are.

Here are 11 tools and gadgets that are, no yolk. Er, joke. They’re everything they’re cracked up to be. They’re egg-cellent. Okay, sorry, we’ll stop now.

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Sur La Table

If you've ever struggled to peel a hard-boiled egg, you need two things: This story on the best method to cook 'em and also this little guy. You just add a little bit of water, drop in an egg, and shake it up. The egg will slip right out of its shell oh-so easily! We were torn on this at first, thinking it seemed super unnecessary, but one of our writers (a cookbook author and recipe developer) loves it and convinced us to try it. We were converts almost instantly.

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This ingenious organizer removes the hassle of storing eggs safely in the fridge. Even though it’s spacious enough to accommodate a whopping 18 eggs at a time — complete with secure slots for each one — it installs under the bottom of a shelf, making use of an underutilized area.

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No, it doesn't take a long time to cook up an egg on a stovetop, but sometimes you don't have a stovetop (or have time to dirty and wash a pan!). This gadget allows you to make eggs or omelets in the microwave and then it can get tossed in the dishwasher. We love it for college kids in dorms or anyone who's traveling

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was $18.99

Did you know that people are obsessed with this egg cooker? Two years ago, on Amazon Prime Day, shoppers bought more than 40,000 of these things. And when we ran this story on the best way to hard-boil an egg, we got lots of readers writing in to talk about this overlooked option. And it's a bestseller on Amazon (even not during Prime Day). Enough said!

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Sur La Table
was $12.95

Your Instant Pot is the secret to making the best jammy eggs you've ever had. And this rack will help you make more of them at once. It holds holds nine eggs — or 18, actually, if you stack two racks — perfectly steady and upright for a totally consistent cook.

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Why endure that dance — passing egg yolks back and forth in the shell halves — when you can get this silicone separator and just pluck yolks out like a magician?

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was $11.99

Kids and adults alike are bound to get a kick out of this silicone mold that turns two eggs into a cute little kitty.

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This small appliance makes a sunny side up egg, toasts bread, melts cheese, and heats up precooked meat. All at once! And it has more than 4,500 five-star reviews on Amazon.

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We get it, poaching eggs can be intimidating. If you need a little help, these silicone holders will guide the eggs into the water and keep the yolks from breaking.

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Soft boiled eggs are getting trendier and trendier in the States now. If you need help getting into one, this tool will save the day. Just put it on top of the egg, pull the handle, and you'll be able to remove the top of the shell without making a mess.

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was $22.00

Because trying to transport already-made deviled eggs without a carrier is hard, nay, downright impossible.