5 Life-Changing Egg Tips We Learned in 2020

published Dec 28, 2020
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Credit: Grace Elkus
Tornado Omelette

Affordable, easy, quick, and adaptable — eggs are one of the world’s best foods across cultures, meals, and flavors. Part of what makes them so incredible has to do with the endless opportunities to whip, fry, or crack them into a new format. And over the course of 2020 we were blessed in the form of mesmerizing new styles and life hacks for cooking, cracking, and eating eggs. This list encapsulates the most amazing egg tricks that changed our lives this year.

1. Get picture-perfect eggs.

Okay, sure, most of the wonder of eggs comes in the flavor and the texture, but everyone eats with their eyes first and few things look better than a perfectly fried egg. Thankfully, a food blogger shared her secret for how she gets those picture-perfect fried eggs — and it turns out they result in better texture, too. By simply separating the egg before it cooks, she can make sure the white gets a few extra minutes in the pan before she adds the yolk again for just enough time to keep it runny.

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Credit: Amber Gibson

2. Improve your egg texture.

The best way to learn the chef’s secret to perfect eggs turns out to be just asking — which is how we learned that freezing them helps get an incredible buttery yolk. Chef Michael Gallina sticks the carton in the freezer for at least 48 hours, then thaws them overnight before frying them. They cook up to a wonderfully creamy texture that brings together the best parts of both sunny-side-up and over-easy eggs.

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3. Cook your eggs in cream.

A lot of the cool egg-cooking skills require practice or at least a bit of extra effort, so it’s refreshing to find a new way to cook eggs that’s dead simple and adds tons of richness and flavor. By cracking eggs into heavy cream and waiting until the cream boils and caramelizes, the dish basically makes its own butter to cook the eggs in, while simultaneously turning out evenly seasoned eggs with tender whites and firm but runny yolks. 

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4. Make a fluffy omelette.

Make the everyday exciting by trading in your classic flat omelette for this towering fluffy version that flew around the internet this year. It’s an old recipe, but well-deserving of another round of hype. The fluffy omelette is made by whipping the whites and yolks separately and then cooking them gently over low heat with plenty of butter. It takes the breakfast staple to new heights — literally!

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5. Turn your eggs into a tornado.

The viral egg video that took the world most by storm this year was the tornado omelette. This one’s pure optics, but they are extremely cool. By pouring whisked egg into a very hot pan and using chopsticks to gently twirl from the center, it creates a fantastically twisted effect just as the eggs cook. Basically, it’s going to be our new cool party trick once we can have people over for brunch again.

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