We’re Completely Mesmerized by This “Envelope” Technique for Making Eggs

updated Feb 24, 2021
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Among its many glories and downfalls, the internet is a endless source for creative, captivating ways to cook an egg. The tornado omelette, the Indian bread omelette, cooking them in plastic bags, or mugs: the opportunities to get creative with the simplest of foods are part of humanity’s ongoing quest to always look for a better way to do something. Well, this week a viral youtube video showed us a satisfying way to cook an egg so it looks like a little, neat envelope.

The tweet links to a TikTok, which shows the preparation: the white of the egg is dropped in a wok and swirled around to create a wide circle. Then, the yolk is dropped in the center and the white folded over it completely, creating a small square with the yolk tucked inside.

Though the video is mesmerizing to watch, it leaves the viewer a little unsatisfied: it never shows what the inside looks like. Of the nearly two million views on Twitter and more than 40 million on TikTok, many people were left with the big question: what happens when you cut the little package open? Thankfully, the original poster has an answer for that, in a second video posted a few days later. The video captioned “Is this the video you want to go watch?” It has fewer than 12,000 views. The cook makes the egg envelope dish over again, cutting it open (in the pan, which will horrify many cookware enthusiasts). But the inside is just like what egg lovers might have hoped for: a beautifully runny egg yolk flowing out of the stacked layers of egg whites.

One commenter on Twitter said she tried this technique out and “it went pretty well.” No word on how it actually tastes — yet.

Have you made eggs this way? Let us know in the comments!