Editor’s Choice: Sarah Rae’s Favorite Posts of 2009

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Having the honor of being the newest member of The Kitchn team, I’ve felt quite encouraged by the fabulous food and writings that have been produced by our fine editorial team over the last year. Each recipe and idea is put forth with great love and passion, so choosing just a few to call favorites was no easy task.

Photos have captions with links to the relevant posts.

Homemade Potato Chips with Rosemary: If there’s one thing I love more than anything else, it’s making simple everyday foods that are usually purchased or store-bought. Sure it’s nice to roast off a whole chicken, but every head in the room will turn when you tell them you made your own potato chips. Don’t believe me, just ask Sara Kate, or better yet — give it a try yourself!

Weekend Project: Make Gnocchi!: Gnocchi boasts the ability to foster more flavors than you can shake a stick at, while its fabrication stays uncomplicated. During this past summer I threw my back out and was only comfortable in two positions — curled up with my knees together on my side and standing up straight. So I did a lot of standing which led to a lot of gnocchi (and pasta) making thanks to Emma!

Afternoon Snack: Yogurt Swirled with Peanut Butter, Honey, and Graham Crackers: Keeping healthy and satisfying snacks on hand is an art my husband and I still struggle with. Our days usually have us pushing through our busy schedules with little food, or small meals that would be greatly complemented by a mid day snack. Elizabeth had me dropping everything and heading for the kitchen with this post!

Sweet Potatoes with Star Anise, Ginger, and Lime: One of the biggest challenges in the kitchen is to make “normal and traditional” foods and ingredients something special with a small twist of add-ins. It’s easy to get into a routine when it comes to shopping and cooking alike and this reminder from Emily that something simple (and abundant this time of year), like the sweet potato can use a kick in the proverbial pants now and then!

Two-Ingredient Biscuits: I’ve always been one take the path less traveled and doing things the hard way is almost a badge of honor. Faith’s recipe for two-ingredient biscuits stopped me in my tracks and had me adding in these easy-to-make breads to my busy weeknight meal plans.

Fig Salami Update: Cured and Ready to Eat!: Though we make a great deal of our own sausage, most of it tends to be on the fresh (and meaty) side. Watching Joanna’s process of curing fruits has me totally excited to try my hand at this craft in 2010.

Hot & Sour Soup – So Easy!: In the building next to ours, there’s a Chinese restaurant that is open at almost every hour. So when we’re up late working, writing or getting our arts and craft on, my husband and I have a bad habit of picking up the phone for some warm soup. We’ve cut back on take out with Kathryn’s super easy Hot and Sour recipe and it’s saved us quite a pretty penny.

Ten Things I Love: Gear from Nora M.’s Home Bar: I love getting a sneak peek inside other people’s kitchens, especially those who cook and create as much as I do. Even though we all operate with several of the same basics, seeing the special items that complete each of our collections is super fun. Nora Maynard let us have a snoop inside her home bar early in the year, make sure to take a look if you missed it!

Porkaliciousness: Letterpress Posters from 4505 Meats: My father is big into BBQ (as are many from Kansas City) so these 4505 prints that Dana brought to our attention were an instant hit in my meat-centric part of the world. Aside from the letterpress artistry that goes into each print, their colors and general happiness are so fun, we might have to order a few more. It’s normal to have a whole wall dedicated to the art of pork right?

How to Store Cheese: What To Do When You Get It Home: Nora Singley is all about cheese and in this case, how to store it. My cheese keeping habits were flipped upside down by her post about how to keep things fresher, longer!

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