15 Clutter-Conquering Products Our Editors Love That’ll Get You Organized This Year

published Jan 9, 2023
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Technically, you could declutter your home any time of the year. But there’s something about this month of new beginnings that makes getting rid of unneeded housewares — and organizing the ones you are keeping — that feels refreshing and, dare I say it, exciting. After months of holiday planning and hosting gatherings, it’s normal for your home to feel a bit discombobulated and in need of a deep clean before spring rolls around. That’s why we’re always sharing our top tips, products, and hacks with you for tidying every room. If you live in a small space, organizing can be especially tricky, which is why you need a bit of outside help in the form of bins, baskets, drawer dividers, hanging cubbies, and more. Lucky for you, our staff tests these products year-round and has plenty of recs. Not sure where to begin? Keep reading to see our editors’ favorite organizers that’ll leave your areas spick and span.

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Don't let the space under your bathroom sink become a catch-all for junk and unused products. Sarah, our commerce SEO editor, recommends this organizer from Amazon, which is essentially a two-tiered caddy with a pull-out drawer that goes inside your cabinet. "I fit so much stuff in these organizers I couldn’t believe it," she wrote of her two caddies. "In fact, I was able to take extra items (like the various pieces of cleaning supplies I had lying around my bathroom) and finally fit them under my sink!"

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Want a cute and compact way to store your coffee cups? Check out this inexpensive mug tree, which can hold up to six of them at a time. Contributor Kristen says this product saves her a ton of cabinet space and makes her smile in the morning. "Even if you don’t have strong feelings about mugs, displaying them can elevate the look and feel of your kitchen," she wrote for our sister site. This way, you'll have so much more room for your plates and other glassware, too!

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Jewelry can be such a pain to store because you don't want it to rust or become tangled. Eliminate those problems by placing earrings, necklaces, and other prized pieces in this expansive hanging organizer, which our senior commerce editor uses every day. "The two biggest selling points for me were that the organizer takes up maybe 1 inch of width in my space, and I can see absolutely everything I own in one place, which makes getting ready so much easier," Alicia wrote for Apartment Therapy. This product also holds up to 80 individual pieces, so you'll never run out of pockets.

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Spice containers are one of the biggest culprits behind cluttered cabinets. This under-shelf holder serves as a handy little pocket for them and frees up so much surface area. Contributor Stella says it "takes advantage of those few inches of empty space not already in use, decluttering the shelf and giving your cabinets an aesthetic makeover." No more crammed cupboards!

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Writer Shifrah credits this 4-bag laundry cart with keeping her family's dirty clothes sorted, and that's no easy feat for a five-child household! It can hold a ton and lets you separate batches into their own wash piles, so they're ready to go when laundry day arrives. Also, the cart's compartments lift out of the hamper, letting you carry one load at a time. "This is so convenient and eliminates yet another step of transferring clothes into a laundry basket," Shifrah wrote.

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Beauty junkies know how hard it is to store all your body washes, shampoos, shaving products, and other bathing essentials in a cramped shower, but these corner bins make use of unused space and hold a ton. Tamara, our managing commerce editor, loves that they're renter-friendly thanks to waterproof adhesives, but there are so many other good qualities to note. "These things hold a lot — up to 10 pounds — and fit way more than I imagined (they’re not even full!)," she wrote for AT. Four metal hooks also make room for your loofah and washcloths.

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It can be hard to keep condiment containers and jars organized in your fridge, which is why you need a few of these genius little roll-out caddies. Writer Ashley credits them with whipping her fridge into shape and freeing up tons of shelf space. "I ended up filling mine with peanut butter and jelly jars, because they always get misplaced in the recesses of the fridge and I’m short on door space," she wrote. "Now, when it’s time to make my kids’ lunches, I simply pull the caddy out and grab what I need." This product also makes it easy to keep track of which products need restocking!

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Bulky handbags can take up a ton of shelf space in the closet, so a hanging organizer is the way to go. Alicia likes this one from Amazon, as it can hold eight (or more!) purses at a time and stores them vertically, so you have more room for folded garments. "Now, I rotate out my purses more than ever before," she wrote. "Bags that didn’t get a lot of play because they were stuffed at the bottom of a duffel are now taken out on the town at least a few times a month." So really, this product is also a great buy if you want to up your style.

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Hats are a fun accessory to wear, but finding a spot to store them in your closet? Not so much. Thankfully, there's a cheap solution in the form of this multi-clip hanger. Simply attach your caps to its 10 little clips, and never worry about disorganized headgear again. "Because the hats line up vertically, the whole thing takes up minimal room on the rod and makes it so easy to retrieve and return them," wrote Mary, a contributor who owns the hanger, herself.

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Full Circle Home

Amid all the soaps, scrubbers, and other little gadgets you store around your kitchen sink, keeping the surrounding counter space tidy can be a hassle. Declutter the area with this handy sinkside organizer, which is a favorite of Stella's. "Its compartments are separated by a plastic insert with a perforated bottom, so your sponge will dry out after every use and your fingers will never be subjected to that awful, moldy sponge smell ever again," she wrote. The holder also sports a sleek matte design that won't detract from your kitchen aesthetic.

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That's right — we have yet another game-changing cabinet organizer for you, and this one also has two tiers for all your bathroom and kitchen needs. Not only does each bin slide out, but you can also lift it and grab what you need before placing it back on the frame. "I was able to fit two bags worth of skincare into the top tier and used the bottom tier for extra toothpaste, Q-tips, contact lenses, and dental floss," Alicia wrote. In other words, you'll never be short on storage space with these.

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What's so great about this caddy is that you can mount it anywhere without having to drill holes in your walls. Stick it next to your washing machine or even onto the fridge for a little extra storage space. Ashley placed hers inside her kitchen cabinet and uses it to hold cleaning products. "I found the caddies were *just* wide and deep enough to be useful without impeding my ability to fully close the cabinet door or store other tall cleaners beneath the sink," she wrote. It's the multifunctional product every small apartment dweller needs.

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If your socks and intimates are in a jumble, you'd be smart to grap a couple of these adorable honeycomb dividers. They snap together so you can insert as many as you need into your drawers. From there, just place a pair of socks inside each hexagon, and easily keep track of where everything is. "Starting every day with a thoughtfully organized array of socks and undies is so much lovelier than pawing through a pile to find what I want," wrote contributor Amy. "If any area of your home suffers from jack-in-the-box drawers like mine, do yourself a favor and order these beauties ASAP."

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Folden Lane

A lot of storage bins look frumpy and ugly, but that's so not the case with these stunning baskets from Folden Lane. And if shopping cruelty-free is imporant to you, you'll be happy to learn that they're made of vegan leather. Alicia loves how durable and roomy hers is, writing, "This bin truly could live in any room — laundry, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom — and adds a touch of style at the same time." Although this find is a bit pricey, its sturdiness and beauty are well worth it.

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For quick laundry detergent dispensing, grab a couple of these $15 organizers, which hold each bottle sideways. All you have to do is take the cap off and pour your product, without worrying about dripping onto the machine. Sarah calls the organizer a "miracle worker," writing that each one only takes a minute to set up and stays in place afterward. "If you’re tired of fumbling around with giant gallon-sized bottles of laundry detergent, give yourself (and your back) a break with one of these stands," she wrote.

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