10 Staples Kitchn Editors Always Keep in Their Freezers

updated May 1, 2019
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When it comes to stocking the freezer, the Kitchn team really practices what we preach. We’ve shared all sorts of information on freezer-aisle finds that cut down on meal prep and the pantry items to keep stashed away in your freezer to help prolong shelf life.

And today we’re sharing the foods our editors keep stocked in their freezers at all times. Maybe you’ll pick up an idea or two from the mix!

1. Bread

There’s always an assortment of sliced bread (most often sourdough) in my freezer. I buy a loaf at the farmers market almost every week, and the first thing I do when I get home is cut half the loaf into slices and stash it in the freezer. I’ll use it for toast, casseroles, last-minute garlic bread on pasta night, and breadcrumbs. —Kelli Foster, Associate Food Editor

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2. Bananas

My freezer is filled with more frozen bananas than I know what to do with. I have this weird hang-up about brown spots, so once they go brown (always sooner than I think), I throw them in the freezer and whip them out when I want to make smoothies or banana bread. Sometimes I eat them straight-up frozen with a spoonful of almond butter — they kind of have an ice cream texture. —Lauren Masur, Staff Writer

3. Nuts

All sorts of nuts because I love tossing them into salads, breads, yogurt, and grain bowls — and freezing extends their shelf life! —Patty Catalano, Contributor

4. Parmesan

Parmesan cheese and their rinds, which I toss with abandon into soups and slow cooker meals. —Patty Catalano, Contributor

5. Ice cream

You will just about always find vanilla ice cream in my freezer for instant deserts (especially during the summer with the abundance of fresh fruit). Sheela Fiorenzo, Assistant Food Editor

6. Breadcrumbs

I always keep a stash of homemade breadcrumbs so we can quickly make things like meatballs and chicken cutlets without fuss. — Sheela Fiorenzo, Assistant Food Editor

7. Tortillas

The most-used thing in my freezer right now is tortillas. We freeze them ourselves so they last longer and then use them to make breakfast tacos. —Ariel Knutson, News and Culture Editor

8. Grains

I always have grains in my freezer. I typically cook a big batch over the weekend, then store some in the fridge for lunches and the rest in the freezer to rely on the following week. I can rest assured knowing the base for a nutritious meal is just a quick trip the microwave away. —Grace Elkus, Senior Food Editor

9. Edamame

I thaw them and throw them into salads or put them on top of grain bowls, ot roast them with olive oil and salt (it’s unnecessary but nice) for a little snack. Sometimes I even blend a cup into guacamole to make it extra healthy. —Lisa Freedman, Lifestyle Director

10. Frozen Broccoli

Frozen broccoli is my blank-slate vegetable. I can roast it, turn it into soups, or use it in a frittata. I can’t think of anything else in my freezer that I consistently want to eat other than frozen broccoli. —Hali Ramdene, Food Director