10 Editor-Favorite Water Bottles That’ll Actually Make You Want to Drink More Water

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Like tote bags and inexpensive sunglasses, reusable water bottles have a way of accumulating in our homes without us noticing. Then, one day, you open a kitchen cupboard and realize you own a dozen water bottles, each one slightly different than the next, but you don’t consider any of them to be your favorite. It can seem silly to buy a new reusable water bottle that you actually like and want to use every day when you already have so many — which mostly go unused — but it’s not. Because when you have a favorite water bottle to call your own, you’re going to get so much use out of it and be so glad you found it.

Our editors have tested their fair share of reusable water bottles, and they’ve discovered a few that work really well in different circumstances and for different lifestyles. One thing they all have in common, though, is they do a great job of keeping you hydrated and helping you drink enough water every day. Check out the reusable water bottles that our editors recommend to everyone — we’re pretty sure one of these will be your new favorite.

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This reusable water bottle holds an impressive 30 ounces and comes in a wide array of colors. Its double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your beverage cold all day long and its built-in flip-up sip spout lets you quickly seal the top to prevent any spillage. Our managing commerce editor Tamara and senior commerce editor Alicia even prefer this to the popular Stanley Quencher. "It’s better for carrying on the go thanks to the easy-to-use handle and leak-free design," Tamara says. "It’s my go-to for travel and workout classes."

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The one annoying thing with most water bottles is when you finish drinking from them, you have to carry them around empty while they take up space in your bag. To solve that problem, get this collapsible reusable water bottle. It's made from durable silicone and collapses down to about a third of its full height. It also has a strap that lets you hang it on the outside of a bag for when you have too much other stuff to carry. Our contributor Phoebe found its compact design to be super useful on busy days. "And since it’s made from BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free, food-grade silicone I can easily fill it with ice-cold water or even a piping hot beverage without worrying about anything icky or unsafe getting into my drinks," she wrote.

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One of the most effective ways to meet your daily water goals is to use reminders, and that is exactly what this motivational water bottle does. Next to its measurement lines are brief notes to yourself aimed to help you finish the entire bottle during the course of a day. Seeing things like "don't give up" and "almost there" may not seem like they would make that much of a difference, but for AT contributor Ella, they totally did. "It reminded me to take the pressure off of myself and not measure every ounce of water my body needed. As a result, I listened to my body while I worked out, and focused on what it needed rather than an arbitrary timestamp," she wrote. "I’m less regimented about when I hit my water goal, but knowing when I’ve downed two bottles’ worth of water is enough of a benchmark for me."

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If you prefer to drink filtered water, this reusable bottle has a built-in filter that makes sure whatever water source you use to fill it up — the office sink, a random water fountain, your home faucet — you'll be satisfied with the taste and purity of your beverage. Its filter works quickly and can easily be replaced whenever it needs to, and a snap spout on the lid makes it easy to take a drink or keep it closed without worrying about spills. Our commerce editor Sarah Vazquez swears by this for the summer. "Because of its lightweight plastic design, I was able to throw it in my carry-on without a care during a recent trip to Florida," she wrote. "While there, it was rarely out of my hand. This bottle went from the beach to the zoo, and I knew that whenever I wanted clean drinking water it was just a faucet tap away — and that’s a great feeling."

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Sometimes you want to just have a little sip of water, and other times you're desperately thirsty and need to chug it — this ingenious water bottle gives you both of those drinking options so you never have to choose one over the other. Its drink area has both swig and sip openings, and a hinged lid snaps shut over them to prevent any and all leaks. Our commerce editor Sarah Vazquez found that this water bottle helped her stay hydrated better than other ones she had been using. "I’ve noticed that I’ve been drinking more, something that I attribute to the FreeSip top," she wrote. "J'adore."

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When you want to be absolutely sure that your water bottle will never leak a drop, get this flip-top water bottle by Stanley. Its lid snaps and locks securely in place and has a built-in lip for comfortable drinking. Our KT senior commerce editor Ian uses this for his daily hydration, "because it fits snugly in cupholders, backpack water bottle pouches, and purses — and you don’t have to worry about the bottle leaking in your bag," he wrote. "Plus, the double-wall insulation keeps your cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours, your hot drinks hot for up to eight hours, and your iced drinks frosty for up to 40 hours."

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If you like adding citrus slices to your water to give it a flavor boost, this wide-mouth Porter water bottle is the one for you. This durable glass water bottle has an easy-to-grip silicone protection sleeve (available in your choice of cute pastel colors), as well as a screw-on leak-proof lid. Our SEO commerce editor Sarah prefers this bottle because its wide-mouth design is great for days when the thirst is real. "I also love the glass design," she says. "It’s easy to clean, doesn’t hold on to smells, and I can feel confident throwing it in my bag thanks to the silicone sleeve and tight twist cap."

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Our contributor Ariel is obsessed with this glass and silicone water bottle because it has a simple design that always looks great and is easy to take care of. "It’s made out of BPA-free, shatter-resistant glass, and covered in a nice silicone sleeve," she wrote. "It’s also dishwasher-safe." The bamboo cap also adds a nice natural element that's often hard to find in reusable water bottles.

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This is by far Stanley's most popular water bottle, and for good reason. It's available in so many colors, includes a durable straw, and has a lid opening that can be set to three different positions depending on how you want to drink from it. It also has a convenient handle and a tapered base that fits into standard cup holders. "At $40 for a tumbler, the Quencher H2.0 is not cheap," wrote our shopping director Jada, "but its versatility, good looks, and large capacity justifies the price tag. There’s also a lifetime warranty to fall back on should there be any manufacturer issues. Even though I’m unlikely to stray from my snacks-for-lunch ways, this tumbler has helped me drink more water and given me a head start on my 2023 resolutions."

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Instead of trying to remember how much water you've had in a day or how much more you'd like to have to meet your goal, get this smart reusable water bottle and let it take care of that tracking for you. This bottle has a small device that attaches to the bottom and will light up to remind you when to take a swig so you stay on target. It lets you set your own goals and is a great way to know you'll always be hydrated. Our Best List editor Britt was surprised by how helpful she found it to be. "At first, I thought it was strange to celebrate something as commonplace as drinking enough water," she wrote, "but every little victory means something. There were facts presented to me that I couldn’t ignore: I’d accomplished a daily goal and I generally felt better because of it."

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