20 Ingenious Storage Solutions That Instantly Added Extra Space in Our Kitchens in 2022

published Dec 23, 2022
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If 2021 was the year of revenge spending (guilty as charged), then 2022 was the year of figuring out where and how to store it all without making it look like, well, that we’d bought up everything in sight. In certain places such as the kitchen — where you spend so much time cooking, prepping, and possibly even working — that meant smartly designed organizers which freed up countertops, shelves which magically created storage where there was none before, and lots of nifty racks that maximize vertical space. No doubt a tall order, but one that we were happy to test throughout the year in our own kitchens and to discover after sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of shopper reviews. 

Here are the best storage solutions we’ve come across in 2022, and here’s to a well-organized 2023 (or at least a more organized one)!

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The area under your sink is a prime spot for cleaning supplies, but the overlooked areas behind the cabinet doors and along walls? Game-changers. In her review, contributing writer Ashley Abramson placed a few Command caddies in the cabinet underneath her sink for much-needed storage, and even has plans to get some more to hold bathroom cleaners.

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If you cook at all (and we're assuming you do), then you understand that your cookware will start to add up. Instead of trying to balance all your pots and pots on top of each other (which isn't recommended for any nonstock varieties!), try a cookware rack to corral all your gear. This popular pick from YouCopia, which makes a few of our favorite storage solutions that you'll see in a sec, expands to fit all your cookware and has dividers you can move to fit each piece, too.

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We didn't think food storage containers could look pretty until this set from Caraway came along. True to the brand's aesthetics, the containers come in fun colors and have a glass lid so you can see what's inside. Senior Commerce Editor Ian Burke particularly appreciates the bookend-esque organizer that keeps the containers, well, contained, in his kitchen cabinets.

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For those who absolutely don't have space for more storage containers, this one's for you. These universal silicone lids turn any bowl, cup, pot — literally any vessel — into a food storage container. The magic is in the self-sealing lid with such a strong suction that you can lift a container by the lid's handle, and lets you stack other containers on top, too.

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Whether you mount this spice rack onto a cabinet door or hang it over the door itself, you basically create space out of nowhere — it's pure magic.

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Or if you prefer to keep your most-used spices within reach, this magnetic shelf sits right on top of your stove and takes advantage of unused storage that's hiding in plain sight. It comes in several lengths and colors to complement and fit your stove, too.

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Splitting up leftovers or meal prepping is so much easier and more organized with these W&P Cup Cube Freezer Trays. They're a great size for single portions; this way you don't have to thaw a whole container of soup (or, worse, hack at it with a spoon) for just one bowl. The snap-on lids are sturdy for stacking and preventing spills, too.

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Make use of your vertical space with an upright organizer from Simple Houseware. It's a best-seller on Amazon, and with good reason: The five-tiered rack can hold your most-used pots and pans, while the solid steel construction means they won't topple over in the middle of the night.

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Le Creuset
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Calling all Le Creuset fans! These adorable storage containers are made with the same glazed stoneware you'd come to expect and love from the brand, and come in several sizes perfect for salt, flour, and even utensils. The beechwood lids offer a tight seal and a sturdy base for stacking, so you can maximize vertical space in your pantry or on your countertops.

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It wouldn't be a story about our favorite storage solutions without mentioning the classic OXO POP containers, which are beloved among Kitchn editors. The clear containers let you see exactly what's inside and have a push-button lid to keep air out. The 5-piece set should have enough variety to fit everything from pastas to cereals to grains, but there are tons of other sets should you need more or less — and many are on sale right now, too!

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If you're constantly losing bags of frozen peas or your frozen pizza dough is always getting smushed underneath something but you can't see what, this YouCopia freezer rack will come in handy. Instead of piling and stacking items in the freezer, the rack keeps them on their sides and, more importantly, keeps them visible so you can actually see what you have.

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Another smart way of maximizing vertical space but in your refrigerator, this yogurt organizer keeps jars off the shelves and makes use of the sides instead. It sticks on with the help of double-sided tape, and fits up to four yogurt cups. The chances of you finding an expired yogurt in the back of your fridge now? Zilch.

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Think of these refrigator storage bags as the kitchen equivalent of those shower curtains with mesh pockets you used in your first apartment. They're great for fruit, drinks, condiments, and so much more — folks even say they use it to store cork screws and bottle openers.

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Why should you only have one or two crisper drawers in your fridge? Create extra drawer space to house small items like eggs, fruit, or even packets of ketchup and soy sauce from your takeout with these cute under-shelf cabinets. Just make sure they fit the width of your shelves!

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Sneak in some more space underneath your shelves with a handy storage solution from Joseph Joseph. It's sleek and unassuming, but smartly creates a spot for dry goods that you'd use often and want to keep within reach. Don't worry, there's no assembly — just a few clamps and double-sided tape — so it's great for renters.

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Another winner from editor-favorite Joseph Joseph, this utensil tray is perfect for small spaces and finally helped former executive lifestyle director Lisa Freedman get her narrow silverware drawer in order. Fitting up to 24 pieces of cutlery but only taking up a few inches of space, this is one of those why-didn't-I-get-this-before purchases.

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Yamazaki Home

Free up your counters with a sleek Yamazaki paper towel holder that's meant to be out of sight, but not out of mind. Every time you reach for a paper towel, you'll appreciate how the sleek white frame blends into cabinets and shelves easily, and how it just hooks into the edge of a shelf with nothing more than a tiny screw-in anchor to hold it in place. It's the most elegant solution that our Best List writer Kendall Cornish found for an XL roll of paper towels.

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Yamazaki Home

Another sleek storage solution from Yamazaki, this little case will help keep coffee filters free from the depths of your jumbled drawers and cluttered cabinets. Just fill it up with #1 or #2 coffee filters and prepare for a much more relaxed morning routine the next day.

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Once you've got your pots and pans in order, you might want to tackle the lid situation. This rack from Simple Houseware helps keep lids off the counters (where do you put a lid that's dripping with condensation?), and can corral cutting boards, baking trays, and (depending on the depth) even frying pans.

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For larger drawers, definitely take advantage of the cavernous space and set up a custom system with these adjustable drawer dividers. Space them as close or as far apart as you'd need to make space instantly for utensils, gadgets, or even dish towels. Organizer Janelle Azar, owner of A Meaningful Space, says they're easy to install because they're spring-loaded.