9 Space-Saving Dish Racks That Kitchn Editors Love

published Jun 13, 2022
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washing dishes

Everyone has a least-favorite chore, right? Maybe you can’t stand hauling clothes down to the basement on laundry day, or maybe cleaning the bathroom you share with your roommates gives you hives. For me, that dreaded chore is — and has always been — dishes. I’m not sure if it has something to do with living in New York City for over a decade without a dishwasher, but I will let those babies pile higher than the Empire State Building before you convince me the dishes actually need to be done. Did I fall in love with my now-husband because he used to be a dishwasher in high school and didn’t mind the task? I’m not saying yes… but I’m not saying no, either.

One of the many reasons I dread scrubbing dishes is just how chaotic the task feels. Suddenly there’s water everywhere, you’re trying to remember which glasses you’ve already washed, and you’re perilously stacking clean plates atop each other in the hopes that they dry before you need to use them again. Enter: these nine top-notch dish racks that Kitchn editors love for solving exactly these types of problems. Over the years, our team has vetted the best of the best when it comes to all sorts of kitchen gear, countertop drying racks included. While these picks range in perks, price points, and functionality, they’re all sure to make one of the least-favorite kitchen chores just a bit more bearable.

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Yamazaki Home

Yamazaki is a well-loved brand around here, thanks in large part to the functionality and streamlined style of their pieces. Their slim dish rack is versatile and can conform to a number of kitchen spaces, from a slim, barely there slice of counter to a bar cart that's pinch-hitting as an island. It has a smooth, modern finish and a clean, box-like shape, with high walls that hide your drying dishes and minimize visual clutter.

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was $54.99

If you're a family with kids or live with a bunch of roommates, chances are you need some durable (and roomy) dish storage. This iSPECLE two-tier dish rack boasts plenty of room for all your plates, bowls, cups, mugs, and utensils. Plus, it has over 11,700 five-star reviews on Amazon, so you know it's the real deal.

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Full Circle Home

If your tastes and needs skew more minimal, this dish mat from Full Circle Home could be perfect for you. It has an innovative design that delivers the best of both worlds when it comes to drying your dishes: sturdy wires to hold things like plants, and lots of plush (and absorbent!) surface area for laying down glasses, utensils, and more. The mat itself is made from recycled polyester with charcoal-infused foam, so bacteria and odors stay out. Even better, you can pop the metal racks into the dishwasher for a quick refresh.

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OXO is a huge name in kitchens, with innovative products that are constantly improving and reinventing what functional cooking (and cleaning) looks like. Case in point? This Fold Flat Dish Rack, which won major accolades from our editors for its rustproof aluminum frame, easy-pour drip tray, and compact folding ability.

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Yamazaki Home

When you spend over three years searching for the perfect dish rack and finally landed on this style, you know it's a good one. That's exactly what happened to contributor Rochelle when she lucked upon the Yamazaki Dish Rack, a purchase that she says "exponentially increased" her happiness. The rack's sleek beauty is evenly matched by its functionality, with plenty of room for dishes big and small, along with a silverware caddy that keeps all your smaller pieces in one spot.

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was $61.52

If stashing dishes on the sides of your sink isn't an option, try making the most of the air space above your faucet instead. This dish drying rack from Walmart fits the bill, with two legs that stand on either side of your kitchen sink, allowing you to take advantage of vertical space that might otherwise go unused. The rack itself is designed super well too, with ample room for dishes, cooking utensils, and even a dedicated spot for your sponge and dish soap.

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was $45.00

Turning your sink into a drying rack is another great option when you're short on space, and this Five Two drying rack from Food52 allows you to do just that. Simply unroll the silicone and wire piece atop your sink and allow your dishes to drip dry into the basin for a handy solution that doesn't require you to sacrifice counter space.

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was $79.95

Another clever over-the-sink style, this Easyife dish drying rack wins points with both editors and Amazon reviewers alike. Made from heavy-duty stainless steel, it's capable of holding lots of heavy dishes and utensils, and all of its parts can be arranged to fit your needs. It’s also rustproof and has a black anti-scratch finish, so it’ll look great sitting on your counter.

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was $24.98

Another pick perfect for people with zero counter space, this roll-up rack from Amazon is a budget-friendly alternative to the Food52 version above. Not only is it functional and space saving (even when stored!), but it has thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon.