25 Pet Products Our Editors Swear By for Their Furry Friends

published Aug 24, 2023
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If you’re a pet owner, you don’t need a special occasion to spoil and celebrate your furry companion. Our staffers across both Kitchn and our sister site Apartment Therapy would know, as they practically treat their dogs and cats like children — as they should. But, finding new and exciting things for your pets isn’t always easy. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, we’re here to help. We polled our staff and rounded up 25 editor-approved products our team loves for their pets. Check out our favorite pet products, from delicious treats and fun toys to top-notch grooming supplies and a security camera that lets you toss snacks to your furbaby no matter where you are. Most importantly, the following picks aren’t only editor-approved, but the pets, themselves, love these items, too! Once you’ve had a look, let us know in the comments what you’re treating your fluffy friend to next.

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"When we adopted my dog Fenway, we thought it was a miracle that with all the hair he had, he barely shed!" said former entertainment editor Nicoletta. "And then, the warmer weather started, and the rest is history. We wanted a brush that helped get all the loose hairs off his body and could easily dispose of the said hairs, and this pet grooming brush works like a charm! Plus, it’s like a massage to him, and it’s therapeutic for me (SO weirdly satisfying seeing all the hair that accumulates)."

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SEO content director Adriana's dog Chutney loves this cute snail toy, which is great for instinct training and pups who like to forage. "You can tuck treats and kibble into the little pockets that run down the length of it, then roll it up and tuck in even more treats," she said. "Plus, it has a squeaker."

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Tuft & Paw

Living in NYC, managing commerce editor Tamara does what she can to keep her two cats stimulated. She loves this cozy window hammock because it gives them an elevated surface to watch birds and passersby. Plus, once installed, it doesn't take up any floor space. "They love this thing so much that they’ll snooze on it for hours," she wrote. "I honestly feel like they sleep more because of this handy accessory."

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Some pets are voracious eaters, which can get them into trouble. Save your pups from stomachaches and keep them entertained with this interactive dog bowl, which culinary producer Rachel recommends. "I use this slow feeder bowl for enrichment but also so my dog doesn’t barf when he eats!" she said.

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Adriana loves the brand Lupine Pet for all things leashes and harnesses. You can find some of them on Amazon, including this dashing peacock-printed leash. "It's beautiful (Did I just call a leash beautiful?), great quality, and they replaced our harness for free when my dog chewed through the buckle on day three," she said.

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Looking for a cat tree your feline will love? Contributing editor Sally shared that her cat is obsessed with this one by On2 Pets. Great for indoor and outdoor use, this cat tower is made with pressed wood, carpet, and artificial leaves for a natural feel that stokes your cat's innate instinct to hide within nature. Bonus: It's made in the USA.

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Zee.Dog is another great destination for stylish and well-made harnesses. "I get compliments on this harness all the time because it’s cute, but the handle on the back comes in clutch any time I need to keep a tighter handle on my dog," Rachel said of their Mellow Soft Walker harness. What's more, it comes in a variety of pretty colors and three sizes.

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Projects editor Megan's mom introduced her to these treats by Top Chews, and they instantly became a family favorite. "Her dog loves them, our dog loves them, my brother's dog loves them — they've been a universal hit," she said. "They're perfect because you can easily break them into smaller pieces, and they don't get crumbly, so they're easy to stick in your pocket on a walk. A little goes a long way."

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Cats are into weird things. Some of them enjoy lounging on cardboard boxes, for instance, and most of them go through a furniture-scratching phase (which may or may not remain just a phase). To protect your chair legs, snag one of these two-in-one cat scratcher beds, which has a built-in scratch pad. "Both my cats make great use of it for napping and hanging out, and its perforated surface acts as a scratching board, so it distracts them from trying to attack my furniture or other things their claws can damage," commerce SEO writer Nic said.

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If you still find that your cat is on the attack and tearing up your furniture, Nic also suggests grabbing one or more of these sofa protectors, which turn the corners of your couch into scratching posts. "I feel like pet products always have some caveat," he wrote. "But with these sofa protectors, I’ve had zero complaints. They work exactly as advertised, they last much longer than I expected, and they’re available in five different colors so you can choose the one that best matches the color of the furniture you’re protecting."

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It can be difficult to find treats that are formulated with good ingredients and that your dog will actually like, but Rachel managed to when she came across these yak chews. "My dog goes crazy for these long-lasting yak milk chews," she said. "They are safer and gentler to ingest than hides and bones, and my pit bull mix can't tear through them too quickly." The chews also support dental health and don't contain gluten or lactose.

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Fable Pets

Megan also shared that when it comes to treat toys, The Game from Fable Pets takes the cake. "Wally loves treat toys, but they're usually so noisy," she said. "Back when we lived in NYC, the downstairs neighbors called it his 'noisemaker.' Eep! This one is just as fun for him and way quieter."

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"As for me, my favorite pet product for my dog is this shampoo from John Paul Pets," said commerce SEO editor Sarah. "The rich lavender, mint, tea tree, and eucalyptus blend soothes and calms him at bath time — which makes the experience easier for both of us. It also leaves an amazing scent and his fur snuggly soft. I call that a win-win."

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Smaller pets sometimes need a little help getting around, especially when it comes to cuddling with you on the bed. For her own dog, cleaning and organizing editor Stephanie keeps these foam steps around the house. "Pet stairs have become a must-have in my home," she said. "They allow my sweet pup to climb up and down the stairs instead of jumping from the bed or couch. We have two of these — one with a three-step for the couch and one with a five-step for a bed — and they are great."

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Sarah is also a big fan of the Furbo Dog Camera. With her dog Marty being a pandemic pup, his separation anxiety has been intense now that she's not home as much. "This camera lets me keep an eye on him, speak to him, and reward him on the days he doesn't tear the place apart," she said.

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Wild One

"Wild One has great treats and collars," said ad tech manager Andrew. And indeed they do! Just look at this flexible nylon collar, which is designed to be weather-, odor-, and dirt-resistant. The collar is also available in many different colors, and its coated carbon steel D-ring won't rattle as your pooch walks around.

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Tuft & Paw

Cat owners know how big of a problem litter tracking can be. For Tamara, what helped was investing in Tuft & Paw's Really Great Cat Litter. "If you’re beyond tired of the endless litter dust around your home and you’re willing to pay a little for some peace of mind, you’ll have no regrets swapping your old-school litter to this upgraded, modern version," she wrote. The litter is also made from soybean product, which is better both for the environment and for your cats compared to traditional litters.

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It's good to bring water for your dog during walks all year round, but especially so when the temperatures rise. Adriana prefers this one, which is totally leak-proof and perfect for outdoor excursions of all kinds. The bottle also comes in three different sizes, so it's great for dogs of all breeds.

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"My cats would always kick up litter from their old box, so I was constantly vacuuming it — close to a dozen times a day," Nic said. "But with this model that has high sides and a lid on top, barely any litter escapes." Rachel also loves the the top-entry box, noting that it saved her bathroom from constant messes. With this easy-to-navigate potty, you can say goodbye to specks of litter around the house once and for all.

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Rachel also loves this banana cat nip toy, which is a surefire way to keep both you and your cat entertained. "My cat goes crazier for this than anything else," she said. "She falls asleep cradling the banana." Additionally, the toy contains 100-percent organic catnip and has over 21,000 five-star Amazon ratings.

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Kin Organics has lots of great-smelling dog shampoos, which moisturize and refresh your pup's coat without causing it to feel itchy. "I really like their shampoo, especially the way the fig and cedar oatmeal smells," Adriana said. "These are low-suds shampoos, so don't expect a lot of bubbles. But they do get the doggos clean."

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Another security camera rec, the TP-Link Tapo camera will let you keep an eye on your pets regardless of where they are in the room. "The camera quality is really good," Stephanie said. "We keep ours in the living room. It has a privacy mode, too, so you can easily switch the camera on and off." Plus, you can talk through the camera, which Stephanie said "comes out crystal-clear, unlike other cameras I’ve used."

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If you're going to give your dogs a tough treat to chew on to keep them occupied, you'll want something like this single-ingredient rawhide alternative. "Redbarn makes the best bully sticks, but Chutney especially loves their beef tendons," Adriana said. What's more, the tendons contain zero grain or gluten.

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In addition to her dog and cat, Rachel also wants the best for her rabbit. This automatic feeder has made meal time much simpler, as it dispenses food without any effort required from the pet owner. "He is obsessed with it," Rachel said of her rabbit. "He camps out in front of the feeder when he knows it’s almost mealtime."

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High-energy pooches can be tough to train, which is why you need enticing treats on hand when teaching them how to be a good boy. Adriana likes the freeze-dried treats by the brand Smallbatch; she said she uses them "when I need some stronger motivation than the usual kibble." Plus, these beef heart treats are also safe to give to cats.

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