7 Editor-Favorite Olive Oils We Always Have Stocked In Our Pantries

published Jul 25, 2022
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Someone dipping bread into olive oil.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

It’s no surprise that we talk a lot about olive oil here at Kitchn. Like any avid home cook knows, it’s one of the most-used pantry staples in your kitchen, probably next to salt. Because we’re always talking about our new favorite finds, we’ve decided to round up our top editor-favorite olive oils for you to browse and try in your own kitchen. Ahead, you’ll find some of the best olive oil brands (in our opinion, at least!) that range from splurge-worthy finds to a couple budget-friendly grocery store olive oils.

Whether you’re looking for mild oils to use in a delicious olive oil cake or vibrant flavors that you can use as a rich dipping oil with crusty bread, you’ll find what you need here. We’ve included garlicky finishing oils to drizzle on salads and all-purpose EVOO from our favorite direct-to-consumer brands to leave on your countertop for regular use. We’re positive that you’ll find your new favorite olive oil from these picks, straight from our kitchens to your pantries!

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What sets Graza apart from the rest of the pack is their focus on fresh olives that are all picked and bottled in Spain — no blending here. And, both their Drizzle and Sizzle oils come in convenient squeezable bottles for ultimate ease while you're busy in the kitchen. I tested both earlier this year and instantly fell in love with their rich flavors. The bottles even make me feel like a real chef when I’m cooking, mimicking the same style used in many professional kitchens. The opaque design versus glass even does double duty by protecting your oil from light.

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If you know Kitchn, then you know that we are major Brightland fans. The California-based company has been a go-to among our editors for years, both in our own homes and as a favorite food gift for fellow gourmands. The brand focuses on crafting authentic olive oil that’s ethically sourced from a family-run farm in California and produced without any fillers or artificial preservatives. The Duo is the perfect set to stock in your pantry, as it includes the bold Awake meant for cooking with whether you're roasting, grilling, or sautéing. You'll also receive Alive, a smoother oil that’s perfect for drizzling on salads, hummus, and bread, and even using in baked goods.

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Attention garlic lovers! Kitchn contributor and private chef, Meredith, brought this garlic-forward olive oil to our attention and we haven't looked back since. Use it to add a garlicky kick to sautéed veggies, chicken marinades, homemade sauces, and so much more. Or, pour it on salads or enjoy it straight on top of crusty bread for a true tastebud treat.

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Looking for a go-to grocery store olive oil to stock up on without breaking your budget? The classic California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil is repeat winner on our Kitchen Essentials: Grocery Edition list because nearly every Kitchn staffer uses it — as does the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten! Use this 100-percent California-grown olive oil for marinades, sautéing, roasting, grilling, frying, and baking.

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Meredith also keeps this giant 3-liter jug of EVOO on hand at all times as her go-to cooking oil. It's actually the same olive oil she used as a line cook at New York City-based Italian restaurant Misi where every dish started and ended with Monini, which is a product of Italy. It's both mild enough to cook with yet rich enough to enhance your dish's flavor. While it's also available in a smaller 25-ounce bottle, you'll get the most bang for your buck by buying it in this 3-liter tin.

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There are certainly no rules saying you can only have one olive oil at a time! Add this truffle-infused olive oil to your pantry for a flavor to experiment with. When we tried it out for ourselves, we found that it struck the perfect balance of truffle flavor without being overpowering and was delicious on eggs, popcorn, and mac and cheese. We also imagine it would be a delicious complement for pizza and French fries!

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We're constantly recommending this aesthetically pleasing olive oil as a top food gift for your favorite home cook. Not only will it look gorgeous on your counters, but it will also become your new favorite pantry staple. It's made with a blend of organic Greek Koroneiki olives and Spanish Picual olives. The nearly 17-ounce tin will also protect your oil from the sun to keep it fresh for longer.